Medical Themed Art Show in Cleveland

I'm pleased to announce my next solo show is April 4th at BAYarts! I have been teaching kids classes at the beautiful BAYarts campus in Bay Village for several years now, so I'm really excited to be exhibiting there. This exhibit will depict fun stuff like amputees, ocular prosthesis, virgin goddesses, and maybe a nude… Continue reading Medical Themed Art Show in Cleveland

O+ Festival: Medicine and Art

I found out I was accepted into the O+ Festival taking place in Kingston, NY this coming October! I'll be showing a lot of my newer weird organism paintings, since the theme this year for the festival is "flux". It's looking to have a great line-up so far, including bands like Hopewell, The Felice Brothers,… Continue reading O+ Festival: Medicine and Art

Short Trip to the Museum of Medical History

My friend Dott and I went to the Museum of Medical History on the Case Western Reserve campus. It has hours that are weird, and the rare books section was by appointment (bah) but we are both very fast when it comes to museums so an hour was all we needed. We do plan on… Continue reading Short Trip to the Museum of Medical History

Welcome to Hell, I’ll Be Your Tour Guide!

I've clocked in over 60 trips to the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus since June of last year. I find it horrifying that there are patients who have done even more than that! Most people have to travel a lot further than me -- some from other states, or countries. When you have to go there… Continue reading Welcome to Hell, I’ll Be Your Tour Guide!