Arty Farty Schedule Thus Far

The next exhibition I’ll be showing at is the Box Heart Gallery 10 Year Anniversary Show in Pittsburgh. The reception is May 29th, 5pm-7pm, and I’ll be in attendance with a few other artist friends. The show runs until June 19th.

I’ve also sent off a few pieces for “Fables and Follies” curated by Creep Machine with artists such as Jessica Ward and Apricot Mantle @ The Alternative Cafe & Gallery in Seaside, CA. Reception Saturday, June 11th 7pm-9pm

I’ll have a few little 5×7″ paintings in this:  “Jest in Time: The Phylogenesis of Clown” @ Distinction Gallery, Escondido, CA. The exhibition will feature as many as 50 artists from around the world creating pieces centered around the theme of the Evolution of Clown. The exhibition will be auction style with all pieces starting at $100. Reception is August 14th 6-11pm

And finally,  I have been informed that the “Hands On Retreat” in Chicago that I was supposed to be teaching with Shannon Okey for fashion illustration and knitwear design has been canceled. Now, I’m new to the whole knitwear industry — as all I’ve done prior is model — but I have to say I am really intrigued by it all. The circumstances surrounding the cancellation of our class, plus others, are so nutty that the knitwear world looks more dramatic and crazy than the art world and music industry combined! Seriously, film noir + Melrose Place…only with yarn. In any case, Shannon and I are working to find a new venue and perhaps set-up a weekend workshop either still in Chicago, or here in Cleveland. Stay tuned.

Designer Retreat Classes in Chicago

The exciting news? I can now tell you that Shannon Okey and I will be taking our knitwear design and fashion illustration class to Chicago, IL on August 6th- 8th, for a weekend design retreat! If you are a member of you can join the Hands-On Retreat group here and get all the info and updates. You can also go to the Hands-On site here.

Not only will you learn stuff about the business, marketing, designing and so forth of the knitwear industry, but we are both rather entertaining and totally not lame — or so we have been told.

UPDATE: This retreat has been canceled due to bizarre circumstances. I was only informed today. But, Shannon and I are currently looking at other options to teach our class as a weekend workshop, either in Chicago or Cleveland. More info TBA. Why waste a good lesson plan?