Shots from the Scott Miller show

I went on a mini adventure Friday night, attended the Scott Miller exhibition at Convivium 33 Gallery and then my usual shenanigans ensued. I tried to take my friend to what I called, "the worst bar in Cleveland" but they had cleaned up quite a bit since my last visit. You could actually see the… Continue reading Shots from the Scott Miller show

Looky, It’s My Booky!

For those of you attending the opening reception for "Ephemeral Antidotes" on Saturday, January 7th, there will be copies of my book available! Taking inspiration from artists of the Renaissance to Rococo periods, contemporary artist Arabella Proffer has re-imagined the mannerist portrait with a pop surrealist twist. After researching fashion history, heraldry, and peerage protocol,… Continue reading Looky, It’s My Booky!

Gallery Closings

Well, moving with the trend of more art galleries closing, two that have represented me have already closed this year. A third one is shutting the doors, and although they didn't rep. me, I was a fan of their exhibitions and surprised about the news. It is sad when people can no longer see work… Continue reading Gallery Closings

8 Ways to Whore Your Art to Morons

Just finished reading this piece of poo from Phil Desind via Steve Doherty's blog about 8 ways to sell art. Okay, I do agree with 6 - 8, but come on now, if people want your work they will buy it. Just because one person doesn't like it, won't mean another won't dig it. If… Continue reading 8 Ways to Whore Your Art to Morons

Alexia is Back

For almost a year I had this painting marked as "sold", mainly because the gallery told me they sold it. Makes sense right? AlexiadeLuc What they meant to say, and that I have discovered this afternoon, was in fact this piece with a similar name had sold. So, you know, anyone who had in the… Continue reading Alexia is Back