Coveting During Convalescence

When you’ve been banished to lounging in bed all day, you have a laptop, and you’ve nearly escaped a death sentence, getting bit by the shopping bug happens!

Admittedly this whole chances of cancer coming back in my life are 50/50 thing has me mildly freaked out. Granted it may not be until I’m 64 or something, but I had a nagging dread since this whole thing started that I’d have to deal with it again at some point in my life — it isn’t done with me yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my oncologist was frank enough to tell me not everything is all unicorns and lollipops, but because of this diagnosis, I’m becoming a little more bratty about things I want. After all, my new motto is, “because you never know, you could get leg cancer!” Some people turn all spiritual rather than go for the material, but come on, this is me we’re talking about! Have I mentioned how excited I am about my new fabulous cane that should be arriving shortly? It is the best present from everyone, ever.

After I’m better and mobile I’m probably going to move to bigger diggs, although in the same neighborhood because I love my area. Having all this time on my hands to browse interior design blogs has me itching to redecorate, get a new wardrobe, apartment hunt, and so forth. So hey, here’s a list of fun crap that I am coveting.

A black chandelier

New curtain rods, because my cats keep climbing my damn curtains despite how heavy they are getting.







A fancy French writing desk for le office.

A Dodge Challenger. Not that anything is wrong w/ the Toyota, I’m just planning ahead.

The entire Burberry fall 2010 collection, especially the green dresses and bomber jackets.

Zebra rug, because it would look great in my living room.

Some real jewels. Nothing outlandish, but this video about the Duchess of Windsor jewelry auction makes me marvel.

Books About Hot Bitches!

Some things I’m trying to read, or am about to read depending when I get my attention span back to normal.

La Belle Otero: The Last Great Courtesan

The out-of-print English version is short and sweet and gets to the point — although I am curious about the Spanish volume that is thicker and with better pictures. This is a combination of what she said in memoirs but it also has many diary entries from her personal maid which are a fun. She was the Dita von Teese of her time, unfortunately she had a major gambling problem which was her undoing.

Enchantress: Marthe Bibesco and Her World

I knew nothing of Princess Marthe Bibesco beyond the Boldini portrait. Then I saw a reference Cecil Beaton made in his diaries about how she was a writer and friend of Proust; of course Cecil being Cecil, he did nothing but talk of how old and ugly she had gotten — but, she still had good taste in decor — which made up for the fact she was old in his eyes. Never mind her accomplishments or that she was a big ole smarty-pants.

Mae West: She Always Knew How

Most people don’t know that she was a playwright, and that every good line in any movie she made she wrote. There’s a photo of her with Alice Cooper and Keith Moon in one part of the book, so I have a feeling this will be a good one.

Court Lady and Country Wife

If the name Northumberland means anything to you, then meet the Percy sisters. Their daddy got locked up in The Tower for conspiracy in the Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot, but it seems he had no part from what we can tell. No matter, for daddy got treated better in prison than at home by the monster wife it seems and was given all the modern luxuries of the day by the king. So far from what I gather in the first 1/4, Court Lady has all the fun in Jacobean England, while Country Wife is busy being depressed and constantly preggo while her husband can’t seem to land a decent job.

The Duchess of Windsor: The Uncommon Life of Wallis Simpson

Alright, she isn’t hot, but if you like women who are well-dressed and look like an ostrich….I had read The Secret Life of Wallis Simpson and was a little “meh” about it since all it really did was go into what an annoying weirdo the duke was. It digressed way too much, and only liked to highlight the fact Wallis was a mega whore in China, a mega whore in the dressing rooms of Schiaparelli, as well as her and the duke being Hitler lovers and listing other dubious friends. This book seems to be a more even portrait of her. I know the subject is light in calories and she is kind of boring, but I like reading about weird ticks and such. Did you know she always had her money ironed and coins washed before going out for the day?

Diane: A Signature Life

Things have changed and developed since the publication of this book (like the divorce of Alex and Alex), but I wanted to know more about the lady behind my fabulous wrap dress that I got when she re-launched her line in the 90s.  Everyone commented that it showed off my tits a little too much, which being I’m a B cup, I don’t see why that’s a problem! Anyways, she seems like a swell gal. My mom says Barry Diller is gay and isn’t really her man, though. Is that true?