Stupid Girl

Some doodles I’ve been doing lately while my cats jump on me in bed. Some are real things I’ve heard, others are just things I imagine someone, somewhere, has said….


Well, that’s a great non-reason to shoot a guy down, isn’t it?


I know but that itchy faux fur made in Bangladesh and sold at Target is the bomb!


I know, grody McGrodertsein, right? Internet stuff is for nerds!


Because your iPod and your iPhone and your laptop and your TV and your Kindle are fucking useless!


Girl, are you sure he doesn’t live in the neighborhood?


And I could go get a late night snack at Arby’s any time I want. But, just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.

FullSizeRender (5)

Yeah. You basic.

FullSizeRender (6)

I know, living a pedestrian existence every weeknight is some straight-up Thug Lyfe!

FullSizeRender (7)

Yeah, you should pack your designer handbags up and go out to Cody, Wyoming. I heard Jackson Pollock lives there.

FullSizeRender (8)


FullSizeRender (9)

I think you meant something else, girl, but if that’s how it makes you feel when a dude won’t stop texting, well… I guess I still don’t understand.

FullSizeRender (10)

I know, right? I heard that shit is what gave Morrissey cancer!

FullSizeRender (11)

Nah, You drunk and have a headache. It ain’t the grape skins.

FullSizeRender (12)

Bitch why are you always asking me? You have a phone, call and ask!

FullSizeRender (13)

He said that place is real, and it’s dope! I heard Kanye bought a cabin.

Group Art Show: The Dress Says It All

Opening on Friday, July 5th @ BAYarts is “The Dress Says It All” group show featuring myself, Christi Burchfield, Liz Maugans,  Judy Takacs Pendergast, Sara Curry and many more.

Here is my piece all framed, but you’ll have to see the show or buy a catalog to see the story I wrote for her…


and here is one of my students this summer who copied it as part of her class assignment!


Prints are available of her, too.

Summertime Snaps

Working on this girl, and she’s annoying me…


New book and print collection from my husband


tea towels of Elizabethan kitties! From my pal KB


In a summer funk, but still trying to do something


Space girl in a cup dress of sorts. My fashion illustration students were totally weirded out…


Also! Framed and Unframed portraits for sale direct here. I got some beauties!

Drawings for May

I’ll be participating in the Monster Drawing Rally again this year at SPACES in Cleveland. If you have never attended, it is a pretty wild and fun night. I have decided I will be drawing boobies. Lots of them. Info and artist list is here. It goes down May 4th and I’ll be drawing from 6-7pm.

Speaking of boobies, I posed yesterday for portrait artist Judy Takacs as part of her Chicks with Balls series. This is by far the fattest I have ever been in my life, but that didn’t stop me from going topless for her! I wore my slut shoes and all.

I also just completed 2 little postcard sketches for a benefit in New Orleans at Graphite Gallery on May 17th. This will go towards the Talented Artist Program.



Fashion Illustration at BAYarts

I will be teaching my fashion illustration class for two sessions once again, both June 10-13th and June 24th-27th at BAYarts in Bay Village, OH. You can now register online. These classes are for ages 10 to 16 years-old.

This summer will also be the opening of The Dress Says It All at BAYarts on July 5th. I’ve written a little narrative to go with my painting for this show, but you’ll have to wait until it opens and the catalogs are printed to read it.

You can view some current and past illustrations of mine here.

Fashion Illustration at BAYarts in June

Remember to register your kids ages 9 and up for my fashion illustration class at BAYArts this June. You can register and get more info here. If you have girls that are into Project Runway, I recommend it. I’ve always been amazed at what some of my past students have done.

Learn fashion and garment illustration skills. Through drawing assignments and demonstrations, you will learn to create poses, render textiles and patterns, as well as create your own “collection”.
mem $90 non-mem $105

You can view old and new illustrations of mine over on Pinterest. It’s been kind of fun doing new ones!

My Cleveland Art Happenings

Here is a link to Joanne Renaud’s Artist of the Month interview about art and music and writing, too.

I’ll be having a Cleveland-area book release party for “The National Portrait Gallery of Kessa: The Art of Arabella Proffer” at Loganberry Books on Wednesday, April 11th beginning at 7pm. There will be in informal talk/reading as well as a few portraits on display. Buyers get a free mini-print with purchase!

Cleveland Area Happenings

  • Friday, March 9th, 7-9pm @ BAYarts Faculty Show in the Dianne Boldman Gallery, Bay Village, OH. The theme is water, so I did something just for this exhibit.
  • Sunday, March 25th, 3-5pm “From Woman” juried exhibition @ Lakeland Community College art gallery, Kirtland, OH.
  • Thursday, April 5th Monster Drawing Rally @ SPACES, Cleveland, OH. This could get interesting!
  • Wednesday April 11th, book party, 7-9pm @ Loganberry Books, 13015 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland, OH.
  • Saturday, April 28th The 10th Annual ArtCares benefit @ MOCA. The VIP reception will begin at 6:30pm, and the party and auction will begin at 8pm. I gave them something kind of awesome for this, and she’s slutty!

Thoughts on Framing Art

When I get down to framing paintings everyone knows I’m a lover of gilt, ornate, and all that is opulent or fancy-pants. To me it is the equivalent of a fashion stylist who can’t resist sequins. The curves, the patterns, and the fact that they look like a piece of art themselves while setting the stage and putting the spotlight on the finished work. In fact, many frames of this type are worth a lot of money; ever wonder why a lot of so-so paintings from the 1700-1800s get bid on in a hurry? Because many times, the frame is worth more than the art!

They can be so over the top, but they also fit my style of artwork and the historical references I make in my representational pieces. What can I say? I am a baroque fan all the way around…

To be able to have all of my work custom made by these cats at Stafford Frames would be so awesome.  But these makers in Italy, oh man, I would just die if I could frame my work in these. If I had my way and the money, they’d be redonkulus (yes, redonkulous)

However, I get really funny about the color and tone of these frames. I have rules I set for myself in framing of all kinds, mostly based around the art collection my parents had, and how it was displayed. Pewter, champagne, and silver colorings are my stand-by wood frames because they go with just about everything. I am cagey about deep orange golds or yellow golds — even though I’ve used them on occasion where it worked out fine. My rule is always: when in doubt go silver. Oh baby…

Dick Blick has egg & dart frames that aren’t bad and a decent price. Might have to inspect further…

One thing I really cannot stand and hate more than any are brown or unfinished wood frames (or that awful gray oak crackly finish). Please people, don’t put your art in these! It makes them look dated and cheap. In fact, it makes the art look like it belongs on the floor of a thrift store covered in dust…

The company I worked for several years ago had two massive portraits of our founders with these HORRIBLE thick brown wooden frames  — didn’t help that both sitters were wearing brown suits — and cream fabric matting. I had to stare at them every. damn. day. It was a form of torture to my sense of sight.

If you are going to go this route, get some oak or mahogany that is fabulous and suits the work. Good luck on that — it’s rare to find. Xiaoqing Ding had these frames for her last show in NYC, they fit the narrative perfectly while not being too tacky or ridiculous…

Speaking of tacky and ridiculous — not to mention clashing badly– here is an example of a crazy-baroque style frame FAIL. See, even sometimes I can admit when it doesn’t work with something.

I’m actually quite a fan of plein air frames, especially if they have little deco details. Wish they weren’t so darn expensive for large scale work, but they look really nice for my portraits on the small scale. Aren’t they pretty?

Koo Schadler is an artist I admire who picks frames appropriate for the subject and historical inspiration. Dig this…

One thing I wish I had learned in art school was to make frames custom to the work. Artists like Klimt, Degas, and Rossetti did this. Mark Ryden travels to Thailand where master carvers make up custom frames based on his design to fit his work as well…

Holly Lane makes the frame part of the art as a whole…

I normally hate frames that have a little crown or top, but I dunno, this sea shell design works, doesn’t it?

I really can’t stand scalloped edges in the Rococo style. Honestly, most of the time these are designed badly or have a weird finish. Combine this with a linen liner and it makes the artwork look cheap — in a Thomas Kinkade sort of way. This one is okay, but I just have an aversion to them as a rule…

This frame seems a tad too thick to me given the size of the subject (I always say a thick frame is good for a big head), but the color is perfect…

For a dressy portrait of nobility you’d expect something thick and ornate, but I think this frame strikes the right note. Simple with a hint of gold and still manages to be impressive in the “look at the fancy man who was important” kind of way…

I’m very partial to silver or pewter colored metal frames when it comes to drawings or prints. I don’t know why. As much as a pain they are for scratching and getting dented, it just seems like the best routes to go. Maybe it is because that is what I grew up with, like this Soudeikine drawing….

I rarely deviate.

A lot of people might tell you a black frame is easy and the best way to go because it covers scratches if you use a Sharpie marker on them. DON’T because I can always tell. Marker will appear glossy and never match the finish. Black frames are okay I guess, especially if you have a deep cradled piece. I do it rarely, and for my work in particular I like it to have a little something-something like this…

If it’s a more abstract contemporary piece I’d go with a light or blond wood. I’m never into white frames — ever. I think these works by Pema Rinzin would actually look better in blond…

There was one occasion, at the gallery on Melrose I used to work at, where the director decided to donate one of our Charles Gesmar posters of the stage dancer Mistinguette to a museum. We still had it rolled up — an original stone block print. We sent it off to the fancy framer and what did the director pick? A thick, white, plastic frame! It was so awful! You have no idea — seriously, I’m still traumatized. I felt so bad for the museum, as I know it made the poster look cheap and didn’t fit the look at all.

I have one, a photo print by William Garvey and I keep it this way because he framed it so, and the image is dark all around. Still, I think it would look better with a chrome metal frame…

I also never deviate from cream, white or black matting. My only time I ever have was with this piece. I also got a black frame with a mild bamboo pattern going on…

… and that was after a lot of talk with my studio mate and framer, because I wanted to do something different for once. I’m still really uneasy when I look at it!

Then there are the instances where I buy frames and actually will make a piece of art to fit it. This can lead to something I’ve never done before; like the start of a new direction or series. Case in point? “The Immaculate and Fabulous Mary” was done to suit this little 5×7″ frame I bought a while back…

Now not only does she look great for her new owner, but I’ve stumbled upon a new thing and am getting an amazing reception to it. Funny that.

How do you go about framing your artwork?

The Great $30 Art Sale and Benefit!

For one day only, I will be having a super-duper sale on drawings of all mediums, colors,  and sizes on my website for only $30! Yep that’s right, for one day only you can purchase an original unframed drawing for $30 smackers.

All proceeds will go to me. Because I have cancer. Also because I said so. I’d hate to use the word “benefit”, but that is what we can classify this as if you want. Essentially, this will aid me in taking care of some unexpected expenses I’ve been slammed with, as well as the things you don’t have covered under insurance. Little things like the gas spent to and from treatment; the parking garage (because God forbid Cleveland Clinic validate your parking when you have cancer!), and a trip to Sephora because my eyebrows and eyelashes are falling out and I would like to look somewhat normal. There’s more, but you get the idea. This also gives me a great way of unloading lots of sketches and drawings that don’t get exhibited or are sitting in a box doing nothing.

I’m not one to ask for charity of any sort, but reality has set in, and because of my treatment schedules, I am working on commissions at a much slower pace as well as unable to teach or do personal instruction until late fall. So I thought a sale of drawings gives you good people something original and affordable, while at the same time, doesn’t make me look like a total mooch! Win-win for all!

The sale will open on Wednesday, July 28th beginning at Noon 1:30pm EST. I will be listing everything with a title, description and PayPal button at The price includes shipping. At 1:30 am EST the sale will end and everything taken down.

Here is just one of the drawings that will be for sale, part of an Ian Schrager hotel series I fooled around with…

Hope everyone can find something they like and give it a good home.