Sofa Problems

One of the great things about my husband is that he is sort of a dandy; he can dress well and has an eye for design, generally speaking. He wouldn’t be caught dead in cargo shorts (or any shorts for that matter) and he can’t stand furniture that looks like it belongs in a dorm room. We have pretty similar taste, but unfortunately, it tends to be an expensive taste.

It’s taken a long time for us to get past furniture that wasn’t thrift store yuckies, hand-me-downs, or IKEA. So there other day he declares, “we are re-decorating this damn living room!”. Not that it is terrible, but we’ve had the same IKEA couch for over 12 years that has been falling apart, and it’s time to get a few things reupholstered. In general I think it has all gone ok being that we rent, and can’t do anything about the paint color, curtains, or the PLEASE, SPILL RED WINE ON ME carpet…


He wants the books off the floor as well. Most people think it looks cool, but it is driving him crazy. So, I’m in the process of freaking out about what I can sort of afford and yet not be stuck buying cheap stuff — again. Buying a couch is my first world problem stresser right now. I always feel like if I buy a heavy piece of furniture, something will happen where I have to move suddenly. Then I think about how the cats will destroy it. The cats are really why I can’t buy nice things. Damn cats.

First things first is we decided we are getting this rug, no question!


Initially he wanted this union jack loveseat, but I know the velvet fabric will be a problem to maintain, and I think it will engulf the room. I mean, aside from zebra what the heck kind of rug would even compliment it?


So I was leaning towards this puppy. Except I heard these were sort of crappy, despite good online reviews…


I may make a trip down to Parma to go over some of the newer furniture left at the furniture bank, but I don’t think I can stomach a used couch again. I won’t even begin to go into the ways I tried to salvage the infamous Alternative Press velvet couch that passed through at least 3 owners. I tightened the springs and re-stuffed the foam in the seat cushions. It was all futile.

I know the couch I’ve picked is boring, but it is well under $1,000 and my plan is to give my man his union jack, after all, with some pillows like this…


But then I come across something like this, and also have found that I can order a custom mid century mod sofa from with jaguar print or faux black crocodile. Uuuugh. Both options out of my budget but then again, will it be worth it? And now, I think we finally decided on this because the legs match my dining room set… but it is a bit too long.

I have gone through every dang mid century modern sofa list on Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, RetroRenovation and more that I think I could find when trying to get something under $1,000. The site Design Within Reach? So not within my reach. Some places a good looking couch might have looked decent in photos but had really bad reviews, some shot up in price if you wanted a different color, some were just no longer available. I really don’t want to go through Ebay, either. I want something new new new. So if you have any suggestions or resources, leave it in the comments because I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger on anything right now!

First World Problems, I get it.


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Daily Vacation in My New Pad

I had some people ask for more photos of my new place, so here are some very non-styled (because I am lazy) photos of a few parts.

Here is a little bit of the lobby, we have fishy tanks that go all around, and a fancy intimidating front desk concierge. Stay outta here riff-raff!

I hate the carpet and the fact that it’s very cookie-cutter condo style, but the upside is that it makes me feel like I’m at a timeshare property and on vacation. Needless to say, anyone from Cleveland who has visited me so far is very weirded out by the formality and hotel feel when you walk through the lobby and the massive hallways. I’ve been hitting the sauna, hot tub, and pool, so I’m just going to keep pretending I’m on vacation and not in Ohio!

We still need some more lighting and a book case, but it’s coming together I think.

Hi Tina!

My husband finally has a music room/office.

Ride, Spiritualized, The Dandy Warhols, and Delta.

Baby cat Ike and Led Zeppelin.

This bedspread is so ugly and weird that I sort of like it now.

new Stanka Kordic painting in the bedroom.

Bedroom view, the sun wakes us up so early! That isn’t good on a 2nd shift schedule but we get up and go swimming at least.

Blood Moon of summer.

Yeah, it doesn’t suck.

Hideous or Fabulous?

Gayfryd and Saul Steinberg…




Jayne Wrightsman…

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor…

Jackie Beat…

Kelly Werstler…

Sao Schlumberger…

Dita von Teese…

Coco Chanel…

Diana Vreeland…

Helena Rubenstein…

Tobias Meyer…

Sometimes the most expensive things can be made to look cheap, and the cheapest made to look valuable. I always find it interesting what is considered to be of good taste or chic; sometimes gaudy awfulness and avant-garde triumphs are so close, yet so far apart. Your thoughts?

The Table Setting

My husband and I will be co-hosting a New Year’s Eve party with several other couples next week. This will be my first time hosting anything NYE related; I have in the past usually ended up at a bar, the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Beach, someone’s house, had only a few friends over, or set off fireworks with punk squatters in an alley behind Hollywood Blvd. I’m sure there have been other scenarios that I just don’t recall.

So, I’ve been looking at party and table settings for inspiration. I came across some rather nice ones I thought I’d share. Makes me wish I used my good china and crystal more (I’ve yet to ever get proper flatware).

Here’s a Tony Duquette…

If I had servants, I’d do breakfast like this…

Helena Rubenstein, a rather understated setting considering her usual tastes…

Another Duquette…

Sparse, and shabby chic a bit…

Elsie de Wolfe. Hmm, dunno about this Elsie…

A cupcakes and champagne party dessert buffet…

Something a little rustic…

A very fancy TV dinner for two…

A still from one of my favorite movies,”Vatel” about an event planner to the French aristocracy who must throw together the most spectacular “low-key weekend in the country” for the king. If you’ve ever enjoyed period costume films and like entertaining, this movie is for you…

Random Things Of Beauty

In no particular order…

Cire Trudon bust candles. They come in black too!

A skull candle by D.L. and Co. He has so many great designs, how could anyone actually light a match and melt them?

I’ve been on a decorative masking and duct tape kick. The shop Nothing Elegant on Etsy has many cool designs.

These wall hooks are handy, and classy!

The entire Chanel Haute Couture fall and winter 2010/11 collection. You can watch the whole show here. So sad Kaaarl will be retiring in a few years.

I’m still coveting this Botero sculpture I saw during Art Basel Miami. Funny since I’ve never really thought much about his work before.

Men’s shoes from Barker Black, oh-so fancy, dark, and gorgeous.

Dutch still life paintings from the 1600s. They can border on being ghastly, or fabulous. I can’t decide which. Wouldn’t it be great if people started setting their tables for meals all haphazard like this?

Bed Crowns. I think some feathers on top wouldn’t be bad either. Only drawback would be having to clean the drapery on a constant basis.

Jessica Joslin “taxidermy” and other sculptures. She was doing the steam punk thing before it was a craze, or had a name.

I’d love to get enough china for 6 from Beat Up Creations, they are funny and so proper.

The Great $30 Art Sale and Benefit!

For one day only, I will be having a super-duper sale on drawings of all mediums, colors,  and sizes on my website for only $30! Yep that’s right, for one day only you can purchase an original unframed drawing for $30 smackers.

All proceeds will go to me. Because I have cancer. Also because I said so. I’d hate to use the word “benefit”, but that is what we can classify this as if you want. Essentially, this will aid me in taking care of some unexpected expenses I’ve been slammed with, as well as the things you don’t have covered under insurance. Little things like the gas spent to and from treatment; the parking garage (because God forbid Cleveland Clinic validate your parking when you have cancer!), and a trip to Sephora because my eyebrows and eyelashes are falling out and I would like to look somewhat normal. There’s more, but you get the idea. This also gives me a great way of unloading lots of sketches and drawings that don’t get exhibited or are sitting in a box doing nothing.

I’m not one to ask for charity of any sort, but reality has set in, and because of my treatment schedules, I am working on commissions at a much slower pace as well as unable to teach or do personal instruction until late fall. So I thought a sale of drawings gives you good people something original and affordable, while at the same time, doesn’t make me look like a total mooch! Win-win for all!

The sale will open on Wednesday, July 28th beginning at Noon 1:30pm EST. I will be listing everything with a title, description and PayPal button at The price includes shipping. At 1:30 am EST the sale will end and everything taken down.

Here is just one of the drawings that will be for sale, part of an Ian Schrager hotel series I fooled around with…

Hope everyone can find something they like and give it a good home.

Oh-so many things!

Finally after over a year of traveling and being thrust into various hands and 2 wait lists that fizzled: The curse of “The Duchess Beatrice” has ended. Someone finally knew what was good for them and nabbed her. Probably because they knew she would class up any room she hangs in — damn right!

I have a bunch of new shows coming up, most in California, so go check ’em out here as I’m sure something will be happening at a gallery near you! I just realized, I have two rather large dual solo shows, and one solo show, coming up between now and September…crap, I better get busy!

I’ve made a new policy that I will no longer donate artwork to charity auctions of any sort — with the exception of one Cleveland institution — so from henceforth I will refuse all begging, pleading, and annoying guilt trips trying to get free work from me. I have had one too many annoying/exhausting/bitter experiences, so best just to stop them altogether.

I finally finished the later unedited volume of Cecil Beaton’s last batch of diaries, verdict: what a bitch! Does it say something about me that I know all too well the people he speaks of in passing, or makes fun of? People most American 30 year-old women would never know? I think my pal Shannon is the only person I know my age who the names Mitford, Manners, Sert, Wrightsman, Bruce and Pope-Hennesy actually means anything. Maybe it means I’m just a big old Queen trapped inside my little queen body? Or perhaps I just retain completely useless facts easily. If there were ever a quiz show just about Hollywood history alone, I’d win it probably.

Would you like to know my latest time wasters? Oh sure you do!

All I ever wanted was a fancy chandelier

The debate has been going for some time as to if husband and I should just go ahead and buy a townhouse or not. After our plumbing fiasco over the weekend, I was very glad I had a building manager next door, let alone I didn’t have to pay for all the hours spent replacing various causes to my apartment nearly becoming flooded. This is the longest I’ve been in one apartment in my life; I rather like it (despite hating my neighbors) and have been told over and over what a great place it is indeed.

There’s really only one reason I want to own a place– besides having a basement bar of course — I want to do some radical decorating! Granted I probably could wallpaper and replaces fixtures and so forth in my current place, it is just the prospect of having to tear it all down again that is annoying. I also have extremely expensive taste. Anything from a group of dresses to a group of couches in front of me — I always pick the most expensive one without even trying. Good design always costs money it seems. Damn me with my lousy bank account and fabulous taste!

Among the things I would like to go crazy on, these fabulous plastic coated pieces here brought to you by

along with any number of wallpapers from

I would also probably do something totally out there, like having mounted unicorn heads in my bedroom like this hotel in Buenos Aires…

And while I’m on the subject, one of my favorite artists, Miriam Wosk, has pictures of her amazing studio on her website. The website as a whole I’m not to crazy about — in color choices or navigation — but take a look and you may get jealous too!