Hideous or Fabulous?

Gayfryd and Saul Steinberg... YSL...   Jayne Wrightsman... The Duke and Duchess of Windsor... Jackie Beat... Kelly Werstler... Sao Schlumberger... Dita von Teese... Coco Chanel... Diana Vreeland... Helena Rubenstein... Tobias Meyer... Sometimes the most expensive things can be made to look cheap, and the cheapest made to look valuable. I always find it interesting what… Continue reading Hideous or Fabulous?

Random Things Of Beauty

In no particular order... Cire Trudon bust candles. They come in black too! A skull candle by D.L. and Co. He has so many great designs, how could anyone actually light a match and melt them? I've been on a decorative masking and duct tape kick. The shop Nothing Elegant on Etsy has many cool… Continue reading Random Things Of Beauty

The Great $30 Art Sale and Benefit!

For one day only, I will be having a super-duper sale on drawings of all mediums, colors,  and sizes on my website for only $30! Yep that's right, for one day only you can purchase an original unframed drawing for $30 smackers. All proceeds will go to me. Because I have cancer. Also because I… Continue reading The Great $30 Art Sale and Benefit!