Thanks Ohio City and Deering Vintage!

So very thrilled to have a full page of my art in The Plain Dealer !

And a big thanks to everyone who came to Deering Vintage last night! We sold a few things off the walls, but the work will remain up for a few weeks. We sold out of both catalogues, but if you would like to purchase them online, they are available here and here.

And don’t for get next Friday (the 13th!) at Deering is the big sale of The Sisters’ estate. Boy, did these women love to shop for designer brands! Don’t miss it for the accessories alone. It is also the Tremont Art Walk that night too, so get out!


(Nina, 5×7″ oil on panel)

Art and Fashion in Ohio City!


Deering Vintage and Cooperative Press present a stylish evening of art, fashion, and vintage finds…with me!

Save the date: Friday, September 6th from 5pm to 8pm

This will be a mini art show as well as a signing of my book and my art catalog, “Ephemeral Antidotes”. Come shop, sip, and learn more about my upcoming fashion illustration classes that I’m, finally, doing for adults (starting October 1st, $75 for 4 weeks). And if you’ve ever been to Deering Vintage, you know the accessories alone are amazing!

View the Facebook invite here.


Drawings for May

I’ll be participating in the Monster Drawing Rally again this year at SPACES in Cleveland. If you have never attended, it is a pretty wild and fun night. I have decided I will be drawing boobies. Lots of them. Info and artist list is here. It goes down May 4th and I’ll be drawing from 6-7pm.

Speaking of boobies, I posed yesterday for portrait artist Judy Takacs as part of her Chicks with Balls series. This is by far the fattest I have ever been in my life, but that didn’t stop me from going topless for her! I wore my slut shoes and all.

I also just completed 2 little postcard sketches for a benefit in New Orleans at Graphite Gallery on May 17th. This will go towards the Talented Artist Program.



Fashion Illustration at BAYarts

I will be teaching my fashion illustration class for two sessions once again, both June 10-13th and June 24th-27th at BAYarts in Bay Village, OH. You can now register online. These classes are for ages 10 to 16 years-old.

This summer will also be the opening of The Dress Says It All at BAYarts on July 5th. I’ve written a little narrative to go with my painting for this show, but you’ll have to wait until it opens and the catalogs are printed to read it.

You can view some current and past illustrations of mine here.

Art Institutions and Suburban Kitsch

I’ve been trying to get out more here in Cleveland since it went for 60 degrees to about 19 in a matter of a day, and back, and then, back again. Schitzo doesn’t even begin to describe it. Thankfully I have friends who also wanted to get out art farting, or drive in the snow to the suburbs to do Prospector Estates fun-times (thanks everyone!).

I went to the opening of Transformer Station in Ohio City, The Cleveland Museum of Art, SPACES, and a really fun estate sale at this crazy pimped out 1960s house with an indoor pool and lots of medical equipment. Fun times in Cleveland today! Transformer Station had some very good and, well, some “eh” photography. I like what they have done with the former foundry, but it still felt very stuck-up in a way — and others agreed it felt stiff. Still, I’m glad it is there and serves as another outpost for CMA. Cleveland Museum of Art was having a happy hour event and opened their new atrium, which is quite amazing. It was fun to see all these gals dressed up like it was a school dance for thisevent. The interaction touch screen at Gallery One, I was not a fan, since all I could think of was GERMS GERMS GERMS. My friend Dott had her last day at SPACES, and we exited just as artist Jimmy Kuehnle arrived on his “twinkling tricycle”. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a Cleveland art night without “Crash” showing up and ruining things. You know him. He even has a Facebook Page dedicated to sighting and incidents.

Here are some photos.

Transformer Station….




















Estate Sale in St. Wrongsville….










My haul…



how great is that?

December Arty Fun-Times

Just a quick update. I had a pretty interesting trip to Lexington, KY even though I never got around to seeing horses or touring a distillery. No photos really, but you can view for some of the scoop. The rest? Well, what happens at Club Nationals, stays at Club Nationals. At least if you get up to trouble with people like me!

I have a few small paintings up over at Loganberry Books this month.

Saturday, December 15th my studio will be open for Last Minute Market at The Screw Factory in Lakewood. I will only be around the first hour or so, but I have a few guests in my space during the day. You can view some of the newer work I’ve been doing + I’ll have some books and postcard sets for sale.

Looking forward to no travel and hibernating this winter, to say the least!


Daily Vacation in My New Pad

I had some people ask for more photos of my new place, so here are some very non-styled (because I am lazy) photos of a few parts.

Here is a little bit of the lobby, we have fishy tanks that go all around, and a fancy intimidating front desk concierge. Stay outta here riff-raff!

I hate the carpet and the fact that it’s very cookie-cutter condo style, but the upside is that it makes me feel like I’m at a timeshare property and on vacation. Needless to say, anyone from Cleveland who has visited me so far is very weirded out by the formality and hotel feel when you walk through the lobby and the massive hallways. I’ve been hitting the sauna, hot tub, and pool, so I’m just going to keep pretending I’m on vacation and not in Ohio!

We still need some more lighting and a book case, but it’s coming together I think.

Hi Tina!

My husband finally has a music room/office.

Ride, Spiritualized, The Dandy Warhols, and Delta.

Baby cat Ike and Led Zeppelin.

This bedspread is so ugly and weird that I sort of like it now.

new Stanka Kordic painting in the bedroom.

Bedroom view, the sun wakes us up so early! That isn’t good on a 2nd shift schedule but we get up and go swimming at least.

Blood Moon of summer.

Yeah, it doesn’t suck.

Painters Painting…Me!

I recently sat for a painting class called “Artists Painting Artists” lead by Judy Takács Pendergast. As you can guess, I’m good at sitting still, except I still run my mouth throughout the whole thing, practically.

Opening at BAYarts on Friday 7-10pm is the reception that includes all of the student work, as well as a piece or two from the artist sitters including Dino Massaroni, Rob Crombie, and myself. Here is the portrait Judy did of me, amazing eh? I’m so glad I gave myself a manicure before this class…..

Rustbelt Chic, I Guess

Busy setting up my new pad. Here’s one of the views…

From the bedroom last night…

out by the kitchen…

Boats from the living room…

This high rise is weird. It’s like living in a hotel! I needed milk for our coffee this morning and all I had to do was go down past the lobby to our own private deli. My husband is quite taken with both the fish tanks in the lobby, and the garbage shutes! I also have cable, a dishwasher, exhaust fans that work, and a garbage disposal all for the first time since leaving home at 18. Figure if I have to stay in Cleveland to be close to the Clinic (did I mention another surgery is needed?), I’m living it up.