Pinny Porn?!

Thanks to a friend who pointed to this article, I now know it has a name! Pinny Porn! Or as many know it, Domestic Porn.

It is funny, I did start following the Rosie Little Things blog a year ago out of pure fascination. It doesn’t help then to follow things like Glamorous Housewife, Organized Jen, or any number of Martha Stewart-like publications; they make me ill because I actually enjoy them, while also making me think my home isn’t clean or organized enough.

My knowledge of Joan Crawford and her personal cleaning tips is enough you would think. At least I don’t sew quilts, or pillow cases, or make crazy Christmas decorations while spending ridiculous amounts of time obsessing over wrapping paper — that’s asking too much. Interesting how the idea of the career woman, get out of the kitchen and into the board room, and “having it all” has slowly started to backlash?


I wasn’t always like this; a person who got excited about a vaccuum cleaner, or was into cleaning, cooking, and being all domestic-like. I owned two utensils and some plastic drinking cups, the rest was paper plates baby! My beer came in 40oz. and my housemate supplied the wine glasses. A man once asked me in a very serious tone where my snifter glasses were — he should have known better.

No, the domestic interests happened when I got engaged, less than a month after turning 22. I don’t think I ever bought a bottle of fabric softener until then, and I certainly never baked a damn thing in my life. Husband and I decided to get married in a rather quick manner during one wild weekend after not seeing each other for 9 years, but the actual ring followed promptly after I made steak for the first time. I will never forget the look on his face, and I knew it was stuff like this that would make him put up with the rest of my crap in the long-run. So I stocked up on all those books, Hints and Tips, Home Comforts and even a few Martha Stewart magazines in the mix. It really did become entertainment and a weird fixation more than anything. But, it creeped into my everyday life and I try to be all house wifey, as he actually enjoys it. I’m also the one who came with a tool box to the relationship and I know how to caulk a bath tub! Frankly, I would rather being doing housework, little projects, and errands than any number of day jobs out there that women think they need to feel like they have a career and worth.

Now I make fancy cocktails, peel potatoes, bake cake and cookies from scratch with no recipes (I’m that good, I just wing measurements), have scented shelf liners, and clean surfaces with yellow plastic gloves on. There are only two things I can never get the hang of: ironing and folding laundry. It just isn’t my thing. My husband on the other hand, is the ironing MacDaddy in our household. Purchasing a Rowenta iron for him is still referred to as the best birthday present he ever got (“I love this iron!” he will randomly exclaim). But, not only do I now have sets of stemware for every kind of drink, I have the snifter glasses, at last.

Speaking of housewives and the “what did you do all day?” question, do you remember this cartoon? “Wild Wife”

I love my Vacuum Cleaner!

I got my Miele!

I’ve been spending lots of time with it, oh how I love it so. If Miele ever does infomercials I will gladly star in one. You probably think obsessing and getting all giddy about a vacuum cleaner is silly, but then you probably haven’t used a Miele before. Upon starting it up for the first time, within 4 seconds my husband yanked it out of my hands, “Lemme try it!” and proceeded to oooh and ahhh. He wanted to get the Orion model because it was black, and named “ORION!”, but it was a bit pricey. We don’t have carpet either, so its not like I need a monster of a machine. Wonder what those $1,000 and up models do? Jeez, do they fly as well?

I got the Carina model, sure it has an ugly canary yellow hue, but it is just a vacuum after all ; )