Fashion Illustration at BAYarts in June

Remember to register your kids ages 9 and up for my fashion illustration class at BAYArts this June. You can register and get more info here. If you have girls that are into Project Runway, I recommend it. I've always been amazed at what some of my past students have done. Learn fashion and garment… Continue reading Fashion Illustration at BAYarts in June

Designer Retreat Classes in Chicago

The exciting news? I can now tell you that Shannon Okey and I will be taking our knitwear design and fashion illustration class to Chicago, IL on August 6th- 8th, for a weekend design retreat! If you are a member of you can join the Hands-On Retreat group here and get all the info… Continue reading Designer Retreat Classes in Chicago

Fashion Illustration Online Classes

Maybe you knew, you maybe you didn't I used to teach fashion illustration. It was fun, and I used to have billions of dresses and weird costumes I would think up -- or wish I could have worn out to places. Most of it was for animation characters, but a lot of it ended up… Continue reading Fashion Illustration Online Classes

Oil Painting Lessons

Starting January 4th 2010 I will be offering private lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced oil painting for teens and adults at my studio! I'd like to try and teach the way in which I wish someone had taught me. The basics, the structure, and “my” rules of painting, but once those basics are learned… Continue reading Oil Painting Lessons