New Portrait: A Girl, A Cat, A Dragon


Katie 18×24″ oil on linen.

Click image for full-view.

I have to sit with it a bit more and take additional photos post-varnish (no colors ever seem to be accurate as they are in real life), but here is my most recent commission. God I love that dress! It took a lot of patience but I really wanted to include it.

FullSizeRender (5) IMG_3160

Ike does not look amused by this extra cat in the house.

While You Were At Art Basel Miami

Things I did while you were at Art Basel Miami…


  • Drank Gato Negro purchased from the gas station.
  • Gave my cats a manicure.
  • Ate salad for dinner and wanted to shoot myself.


  • It was crazy-warm, so I made Lime Rickey drinks with Rum and listened to The The “Soul Mining”. Because Rum.
  • Got accepted into another juried show.
  • Finished 2 commissions.


(Winter Women, 24×30″ oil on linen)


  • Injured my leg (again) from just getting up from a desk. I dulled the pain with a shot of Jameson at Moriarty’s Bar while laughing at the desolation that is downtown Cleveland.
  • Got my hair done. Because if you think a leg mishap is stopping me from getting my hair done you are wrong!
  • Blasted Hawkwind while making cookies.
  • Went to Target and wanted to remove myself from civilization.
  • Did I mention it is winter in Cleveland?








  • Went to the Cleveland Museum of Art happy hour and paid $5 for domestic beer because it is “craft beer” after all. Got a bottle of wine from a cafeteria-style restaurant. Because I’m classy! Saw a wonderful exhibit of miniatures, and Dr. Sketchy’s do their thing.



  • Went to a book signing with a cat.
  • Dared to contradict the crazy person at the bookstore — who kept circling around yet would never purchase a book — about C.S. Lewis and his friendship with Tolkein. This person also pontificated for 10 minutes about how Milwaukee is the Venice of the United States.
  • Went to a diner and was cold.
  • Went to a cookie party and drank bourbon and then Xmas Ale. Also assisted in the making of an enchanted wiener meat forest (my 2nd time!).
  • Discussed further details about the June cat wedding that is being planned.


  • Realized today is the anniversary of me being in Cleveland for a decade.


National Cat Day

And in honor of National Cat Day, look who is available as a print! As well as iPod and phone cases. Sorry, the original is sold.

Supersonic Space Princess
Supersonic Space Princess

And since the day calls for it, here is a silly video I made of my cats, Ike and Tina, a while back. I’m pretty convinced this music is what plays on loop in their heads all the damn time.

Lil BUB Art Show in SF

I’m currently working on a small painting for this show coming up at Spoke Art from Sept. 7th- 28th. It is Casey Weldon’s solo show, and a huge group show of the adorable internet sensation, Lil BUB the cat!

There is a book signing as well as a meet & greet with BUB at the gallery, but tickets must be purchased in advance. I wish I could fly out and meet her!

Don’t know who the magical cat is? Visit

Kitty Kamp and Theirry Mugler

Those were a few of the things I did this weekend while house sitting 4 cats (2 my own) and a wiener dog.

First my friend Elle invited several of us to a Theirry Mugler dessert and perfume pairing event at Saks Fifth Avenue in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. I’m shocked more people didn’t turn out for this, as only a handful were being done around the country, and we got some nice gifts. I had way to much wine (they just kept filling up my glass!) and some amazing chocolates while I had my new large bottle of Angel au de toilette engraved with my name. I had to stay away from upstairs at Saks, however, as even though I don’t have $300 to spend of a skirt or need a evening gown — I was tempted!

The rest of the weekend it was on for “Kitty Kamp!” where my cat Tina bossed everyone around, even two boy cats twice her size. Pooping; puking; creating a monster when I gave the dog bacon; the ‘pounding across the Serengeti’ noises at all hours as the heard of cats chased one another. At least my little cat Ike had a grand time playing.

Sometimes we joke about owning a “kitten farm” and becoming crazy cat people, but 4 is quite enough! I don’t know how people with more than that do it (oh right, they’re CRAZY) You said it Ben…