Process and Things

I’ve been working on a few commissions as well as plotting out what I want to do for my next solo show.

Here are details of a book cover I was working on, the title will be The Goose, The Carp, and The Gold Bracelet…




Something for my solo show…


Got a sweet new easel thanks to my neighbor Martin O’Connor. I’m working big for a few commissions so it is handy.



Starting Up Again in the Studio

Been getting back to the studio as much as I can (which isn’t very much at all). My CPM machine that I had to be in for 6 hours a day to manually bend my knee finally ended, and now, well…I wait for more scans.

I’ve been framing a bunch of things in general, and for the event on the 18th that I’ll be having a super sale at. Mainly I’m picking up where I left off with something that I started before the surgery…