Poise, Posture and Profanity

Hello My Name Is Art was nice enough to do this little plug for "Poise, Posture and Profanity" opening this Friday. He "gets" me, which is nice. Below are some partial shots I took of us laying out the show. Should be fun, and I think a couple pieces may have sold already.... Profferwall Heimerwall… Continue reading Poise, Posture and Profanity

Art Fartings

I guess I'm on the right track, according to the New York Times at least. Truthfully I think the painting of Selma is awful, and really, before you a get portrait done, you need to realize it won't be like a photo.I've seen photos from both the "Yum Yum" show and "Forgotten Saints", amazing stuff.… Continue reading Art Fartings

Patron Saint of Haircare

The Bay Area News was nice enough to run this about the show at Eclectix Gallery. Pretty cool since that gal done got herself sold on opening night. The past two weeks I have sold a butt load of work, not that I'm trying to be all braggy, but in this climate it makes me… Continue reading Patron Saint of Haircare