Medical Themed Art Show in Cleveland

I'm pleased to announce my next solo show is April 4th at BAYarts! I have been teaching kids classes at the beautiful BAYarts campus in Bay Village for several years now, so I'm really excited to be exhibiting there. This exhibit will depict fun stuff like amputees, ocular prosthesis, virgin goddesses, and maybe a nude… Continue reading Medical Themed Art Show in Cleveland

While You Were At Art Basel Miami

Things I did while you were at Art Basel Miami... Tuesday Drank Gato Negro purchased from the gas station. Gave my cats a manicure. Ate salad for dinner and wanted to shoot myself. Wednesday It was crazy-warm, so I made Lime Rickey drinks with Rum and listened to The The “Soul Mining". Because Rum. Got… Continue reading While You Were At Art Basel Miami

I Sort of Did Halloween

My costume for this year that I've had in mind, again, did not materialize due to inadequate planning. But, I did go to a few events around Cleveland such as the SPACES benefit, and Pierogie Dance Party at Sokolowski's (sorry, but the pierogie weren't so good that night). I made due with cat masks purchased… Continue reading I Sort of Did Halloween