Life Essentials art tour

The tour for Life Essentials starts tomorrow! The show will travel then to Art Basel Miami, New York, and San Francisco. To buy tickets and more show info go to: Artists include: Adam Russell, Adorable Creatures, Anna Davis, Asbestos , Andy Haynes, Anna Thackray, Arabella Proffer, Arisu, Blaine Fontana , Brad Strain , Brandi… Continue reading Life Essentials art tour

Purple and Black Nipples

I'm still laughing at what NBC Washington did to my image here. What they wrote is slightly moronic, but hey, I've never seen a dark purple bar over nipples before either. Why do my painted nipples freak people out so much? In any case, I'll be heading out tomorrow with the husband and a few… Continue reading Purple and Black Nipples

Innocence and Arrogance

I'm going to be in the DC area for the 1st time in a decade for my show with Brandi Read opening on Saturday. If you are in the area you should come and check it out. I'm driving in with some Cleveland friends as well, should be fun. Going to have to make a… Continue reading Innocence and Arrogance