‘Illustrious Decay’ Opening Night

Thank you to everyone who came from near and far and attended the “Illustrious Decay” opening at CWAL and 78th Street Studios. This was my first time since my days at CalArts I had done an installation piece let alone a collaborative one. Jen Omaitz led me through it because I kind of had zero idea where I was going.

The feedback we got from everyone was great and I think our pairing worked very well. There will be a closing party during Third Fridays on Friday, October 19th if you missed it.



My Fall Art Shows, 2013

I thought I give you a list of upcoming shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, Tel Aviv, and even Melbourne, that I’m participating in.

And for those of you in Cleveland, the September 6th event is when I will be formally launching my new fashion illustration classes for adults! If you can’t make it to the event, there will be an announcement with a link to registration here on my blog that day.

Current – October 30th: “Plain” book exhibition @ Beit Ha’ir Urban Culture Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Friday, September 6th: New Works + Book Signing @ Deering Vintage in Ohio City, OH. You can View the Facebook invite here.

Saturday, September 7th: Lil Bub group show @ Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA.
Meet and greet with BUB in the afternoon / art show opening in the evening. Show on view until Saturday, September 28th.

Friday, October 11th: “Obsolete” group show @ Studio 2091 in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

November: “Zodiac” group show @ Auguste Clown Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

Next year: April 11th, 2014:  Solo show @ BAYarts, Bay Village Ohio.

If you’ve been wanting to commission a pet portrait in time for the holidays, you can purchase them here.

Supersonic Space Princess
Supersonic Space Princess


– Arabella

Art Institutions and Suburban Kitsch

I’ve been trying to get out more here in Cleveland since it went for 60 degrees to about 19 in a matter of a day, and back, and then, back again. Schitzo doesn’t even begin to describe it. Thankfully I have friends who also wanted to get out art farting, or drive in the snow to the suburbs to do Prospector Estates fun-times (thanks everyone!).

I went to the opening of Transformer Station in Ohio City, The Cleveland Museum of Art, SPACES, and a really fun estate sale at this crazy pimped out 1960s house with an indoor pool and lots of medical equipment. Fun times in Cleveland today! Transformer Station had some very good and, well, some “eh” photography. I like what they have done with the former foundry, but it still felt very stuck-up in a way — and others agreed it felt stiff. Still, I’m glad it is there and serves as another outpost for CMA. Cleveland Museum of Art was having a happy hour event and opened their new atrium, which is quite amazing. It was fun to see all these gals dressed up like it was a school dance for thisevent. The interaction touch screen at Gallery One, I was not a fan, since all I could think of was GERMS GERMS GERMS. My friend Dott had her last day at SPACES, and we exited just as artist Jimmy Kuehnle arrived on his “twinkling tricycle”. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a Cleveland art night without “Crash” showing up and ruining things. You know him. He even has a Facebook Page dedicated to sighting and incidents.

Here are some photos.

Transformer Station….




















Estate Sale in St. Wrongsville….










My haul…



how great is that?

Weekend in Cleveland: a few art shows and a race

We had both the faculty show and juried show at BAYarts, as well as Mallorie Freeman’s solo show at William Rupnik this weekend. A great turn out for both and it was fun catching up with people.

A little miffed about the placement of my painting “Drip” as it was a little embarrassing to have people comment on it. You couldn’t see it properly aside from the top being caked in dust (I couldn’t even bend down low enough), so anyone who wants to come look at it properly, you can come find it at my studio sometime. Hey, at least it didn’t get stuck in the bathroom — I know people that’s happened to!

The next morning I went and drank pints with my friend Dave during the St. Malachi Run. My husband ran 28:50, all while I walked up and down a hill to have morning beers; I’m getting in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day, what can I say?

I hope you all have a fabulous week. I am leaving for my NOLA Bound trip this week, so if you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because I’m busy (and not just kitten busy). My itinerary is packed! Lunches, cocktails, dinners, panels with industry leaders, a job fair, gallery visits, interviews, a Hornets vs. Lakers game, and dinner with band leader and trumpeter, Irving Mayfield, at his home. There are some arts conferences going on as well, so I’m sure it will be crazy. Did I mention I come home and then fly right back down to New Orleans 2 days later? The month of March really is going to be mad for me!

Looky, It’s My Booky!

For those of you attending the opening reception for “Ephemeral Antidotes” on Saturday, January 7th, there will be copies of my book available!

Taking inspiration from artists of the Renaissance to Rococo periods, contemporary artist Arabella Proffer has re-imagined the mannerist portrait with a pop surrealist twist. After researching fashion history, heraldry, and peerage protocol, she went on to create her own world parallel to that of old world Europe. Concocting a family legacy — ancestors that could belong to anyone – it has become an impulse and a passion the artist continues to explore, adding characters and stories to her ever-growing private empire of punks, goths, and nobility behaving badly.
As a young punk Arabella Proffer observed firsthand how important fashion was to groups that supposedly rejected being labeled. Their uniformed rebellion became commonplace; tattoos, piercings, bizarre hair colors… all have gone on to become high fashion. As a lover of Elizabethan portraiture, she wondered what it would have been like if the aristocracy of centuries past had taken to these fashions, looking rebellious, shocking, regal and grand all at once as a reminder of their legacy.
“To get a tattoo or piercing is expensive even in the modern age,” says Proffer. “These would have been considered status symbols for only the very rich in centuries past, and thus, they’d want to flaunt them in their commissioned portraits. A king or queen would have had the biggest Mohawk and sleeve tattoos, that’s how I imagine it. These are very tribal adornments, but if marketed as a luxury, you can bet the royal courts of Europe would have taken it to an extreme. I wanted to combine the ancestor worship perpetuated by noble families with my love of old portraiture and punk imagery.”
Included are over 40 portraits created between 2000 and 2011, their stories, family trees, map and more, as well as a foreword by Josh Geiser of Creep Machine and Paper Devil.

Apologies to those of you who have pre-ordered and have waiting, they’re coming! You can order from Amazon, but I suggest direct from CooperativePress.com


Back from my short trip to DC! I wish it hadn’t been so short, but what can you do? It was great to meet a lot of people in person for the first time including Brandi Read, Scott G. Brooks, Lee and Shane from the gallery and so forth. The reception at Art Whino went down really well. The best though, was the children tagging the nude that the gallery painted purple nipples on in honor of the censorship my one piece had endured. Thanks to all at Art Whino and to Jake Reid & Rick Taylor for doing the music all night.

We drove a lot, and got lost a lot! I did this trip with my husband and a couple of our pals, and next time I think about going to DC, I am getting myself a GPS system — or better, a more in-depth Atlas. In the end we have now come away with funny stories; the best being us all getting lost after the reception in the middle of the woods in Maryland, it was like a Scooby Doo adventure with fog and all. We ended up taking backwoods roads finally into the city, only to find out we ended up in the middle of what looked like an episode of “The Wire” with hoppers and everything. Funny how there was open drug dealing going down, but all the cops we saw were busy setting speed traps on the freeways.  Anyways, here are some photos, be sure to click on them for descriptions…

I never made it to the Portrait Gallery, but maybe next time.

Cleveland art shindig

I did a little Q&A over at Cleveland Bachelor just recently, and if you are in the Cleveland area be sure to come out on Friday for the one-night special group show at William Rupnik Gallery.

I’ll be showing 4 paintings, along with several awesome people like BASK, Chris Ryniak, Derek Hess, Tes One, Matt Sharp, Mallorie Freeman, Andrea Heimer, and the guys from Cleveland SGS.

Also, can anyone tell me why I have “Dance Hall Days” stuck in my head? I suppose it isn’t the worst thing, but I find it odd it has been going on 2 days now.

Your Art Reception: It Helps To Be There

I was going to post my own little list, but this article from Art Marketing does it so well.

The subject of showing up to your own opening has come up recently; a lovely gallery owner here in Cleveland actually had to have a meeting with various artists about the fact that, “hey, you should come to your own opening, because when people buy your art, sometimes they wanna meet you!” I believe she got a clueless ‘ry dunno raggy’ Scooby-Doo reaction to this statement.

I can’t tell you how many artists show up fashionably late to their own openings, and guess what? It isn’t cute. Not long ago I was in a group show of about 20 artists in the area: I was the only artist there for a good 15-20 minutes! One thing I’ve learned is that when I’ve sold work, or others have sold work, it happens either right before the show or within the first half-hour. I’ve seen buyers come to shows only to buy something and wait around for the artist who never shows up. These are people usually on their way to dinner or another engagement, and have stopped in on-time — even early — because they wanted to get a piece before anyone else did. Do you think they are going to wait around forever for the artist to arrive 45 minutes later when they have plans of their own? Not bloody likely. Not being present at all the receptions around the country I do has hurt me; not being able to network and meet other artists, gallery owners, collectors, but it is a case where it can’t be helped. I’m not an artist who can afford to fly around the country for every group show I am in. However, if you live in the city where your art is being shown or can drive there within reason, you have no excuse.

This is a subject dear to me because I am a ridiculously punctual person. I believe one person referred to me as a “nazi” when it came to being punctual. Where I get this from I have no idea, but when people are constantly late or give no to regard to being on-time, I take that as a sort of, “I don’t care and screw you”. One of the reasons I broke up with a boyfriend was him being chronically late for everything and there was no reason for it, I’ve even ended some friendships, it got that annoying. I find it funny that cell phones and devices have done nothing to correct this in most people’s lives — it has actually been made worse!

So when you are late for a reception that you are in, or don’t show up period, your potential clientele might take that as a sort of “I don’t give a shit”. Well, if you don’t care, why should anyone?