Artists I Like Right Now: Skin, Hair, and Cats

Current contemporary artists with some painterly strokes, fine details, and some high contrasts to boot. Click to enlarge what you fancy. Megan Ellen MacDonald Stuart Snoddy Robin F Williams Karen Hsiao

Arty Farty Fancy Pants Art Shop Redux

I finally got around to making my shop FANCY for those who want a quick way to purchase original artwork of mine. Visit There are framed, unframed, and some sarcastic drawings in the bunch. More will be added eventually. I still do 6 month payment plans, just email for details (I require a $100… Continue reading Arty Farty Fancy Pants Art Shop Redux

Artist Power Couples and the Commerce of Celebrity

Funny to read this article on John Currin and Rachel Feinstein. I'm actually glad I'm not the only conservative and mildly lazy Libertarian artist out there! It could have been written years ago, as not much has changed with them, or any of the other artists who appear more in fashion magazines and at the… Continue reading Artist Power Couples and the Commerce of Celebrity

Art Super Sale & Show

So here we are, the land of, "Arabella's stupid cancer ordeal just doesn't want to ever let up". My complications keep having complications -- nothing major -- just things that make having a normal life seem far off. Besides me now being at risk for all sorts of things, my knee procedure didn't go quite… Continue reading Art Super Sale & Show

Art Purchases I’d Make Right Now

I found out recently that a few pieces in my art collection are worth a lot more than I ever imagined, one piece went up in value more than 22x in the last 10 years. I was debating about unloading one of them to finance travel to Ireland for my 10 year wedding anniversary +… Continue reading Art Purchases I’d Make Right Now

Patron Saint of Haircare

The Bay Area News was nice enough to run this about the show at Eclectix Gallery. Pretty cool since that gal done got herself sold on opening night. The past two weeks I have sold a butt load of work, not that I'm trying to be all braggy, but in this climate it makes me… Continue reading Patron Saint of Haircare