Calling Artists and Galleries in New Orleans!

If you or anyone you know is an artist or gallery based in New Orleans, please contact me so I can add you to my list of places to visit with during my stay as part of the NOLA Bound program this coming March 14-18. I will probably have a documentary camera crew with me… Continue reading Calling Artists and Galleries in New Orleans!

This Painting Took Way Too Long!

My solo show "Ephemeral Antidotes" will open at Articulated Gallery in San Francisco, CA on January 7th, 2012 This will be a little different for me in that the work will be larger, as well as more surreal, with narratives addressing old medical practices and superstitions. I'll have some tiny icon portraits in the show,… Continue reading This Painting Took Way Too Long!

Planning Ahead: Book and a Solo Show

Two big things happening art-wise for me. I'll be doing a book coming out on Cooperative Press of my "National Portrait Gallery of Kessa" paintings! I actually don't think I'll have room to include all of them -- too many, really -- but it will be a good survey and give the full biographies as… Continue reading Planning Ahead: Book and a Solo Show

A Weekend of NYC Art Farting Fun

Obviously it has been ages since I last visited and much has changed. Brooklyn is actually nice, using the subway is not nearly as sketchy anymore, and I didn't get tired or hate everything as much as I thought I would. It was a horrible drive thanks to an EVIL pre-made wrap I purchased from… Continue reading A Weekend of NYC Art Farting Fun

New York Art Plotting

Currently plotting out my New York trip with Knitgrrl coming up April 9th weekend. Last time I was in NYC was 1999, and the last time I was in Brooklyn? Oh, maybe 1995 -- thus I expect to see big changes. On the agenda besides all of Knitgrrl's teaching gigs is drinks at The Rusty… Continue reading New York Art Plotting

Gallery Press Releases Are In Your Hands

It is nice you made a Facebook invite for an event, and maybe listed it on some websites 3 days before the dang reception, or talked about it on Twitter, but if you want something to be in a glossy magazine -- an interview or anything -- you have to plan 4 months in advance. Even the local newspaper has to get a heads-up several weeks in advance. You also have to build relationships with writers.

Next Cleveland Art Show…

February 19- March 7, 2010 Curated by Joe Ayala Artists Reception Friday, February 19, 6:00-11:00 pm Gallery Hours Saturday, February 20, 12:00-6:00 pm & Sunday, February 21, 12:00-5:00 pm And by appointment Wall Eye Gallery presents an exhibition dedicated to modern interpretations of the work of Spanish Baroque painter Diego Velazquez. Fourteen Cleveland area artists… Continue reading Next Cleveland Art Show…