My First Motion Art

And of course, I made it an NFT! Although I spent many hours in a sleep deprived state doing traditional animation, I hadn't done any animation in my art since... 1999. I wonder if my old Premier assignments are still on that crazy JAZ drive? MintGoldDust wanted something different from me, and they got it.… Continue reading My First Motion Art

Your Art Reception: It Helps To Be There

I was going to post my own little list, but this article from Art Marketing does it so well. The subject of showing up to your own opening has come up recently; a lovely gallery owner here in Cleveland actually had to have a meeting with various artists about the fact that, "hey, you should… Continue reading Your Art Reception: It Helps To Be There

Amy and Angela

You may remember this untitled painting from not long ago... Although they weren't necessarily part of my "faux portrait gallery" series, one of my collectors decided to not only name them, but also write a fake bio for them! How fabulous. That's what I like, you know, people making their own stories and interpretations. You'd… Continue reading Amy and Angela