New Portrait: A Girl, A Cat, A Dragon


Katie 18×24″ oil on linen.

Click image for full-view.

I have to sit with it a bit more and take additional photos post-varnish (no colors ever seem to be accurate as they are in real life), but here is my most recent commission. God I love that dress! It took a lot of patience but I really wanted to include it.

FullSizeRender (5) IMG_3160

Ike does not look amused by this extra cat in the house.

Peeping at Bathing Ladies

12×12″ oil on panel. Started this back in June before I found out I had cancer and finally got around to finishing it. I have no idea what’s going on. Started it after my cat Milkshake died.

Wish you could see the fur and flower details better in online photos (click to zoom in).

When I look at the things I started or was working on during my radiation, it’s pretty clear it was having an effect on my brain!

Milkshake Monday: Monkey Crisis

Milkshake adores toys that look like monkeys — although granted — he is very particular about what he likes. Curious George monkey is his pal, he sleeps with him and takes him around everywhere. It has been this way since he was a wee baby…


Milkshake also has a girlfriend monkey, her name is Snowflake. We never understood what it was about her, but his life is not complete unless he can hump her about 3 times a day…


So, lately there has been a problem. It appears on Milkshake’s last trip to stay with his aunt and uncle while I went away to Boston, he lost Snowflake somewhere in their house. There was a massive search for any odd place he could have left her, but no sign yet. I think Milkshake’s brother Spike, or his best friend Giles, stole his woman and they’ve been hoarding her in a crawl space in the house somewhere.

So at night — as if sleep weren’t hard with this cat anyways — Milkshake howls for Snowflake for hours. Hours! And trust me, he is loud and heavy with sorrow as he keeps me awake until who knows when! I tried getting him a new monkey girlfriend, an expensive fancy-pants sock monkey, but he was not having it; he wants his special fuzzy monkey who was falling apart and getting kinda gross to the point where I almost retired her anyhow.

Funny how attached a pet can get to an inanimate object. Here’s hoping Snowflake is one day recovered, if not, I will continue my search for a suitable replacement that he will approve of. I mean seriously, he was crazy about that monkey and I doubt he’d show as much interest in an attractive real female cat!


Update: Snowflake has been found! Milkshake is back to monkey humping again.

Monkeys, Horses, and Buffalo

I’ve been on an animal painting kick lately — not that I’m doing them — just that I’m becoming more interested in trying it out for myself and admiring people that can paint something that won’t sit still for 5 seconds. After trying to paint my cat (my second painted animal ever) I’m thinking I’ll try it again soon. Some animals painters I’m liking right now:

Abraham Hondius
This is one of my favorite paintings at the Cleveland Museum of Art. This web image kinda sucks, but its really big a cool in person. I like monkeys and kitties better than his usual dog portraits.

George Stubbs
He’s most known for his images of horses, lions killing horses, and maybe a poodle once and a while…

but I like this self-portrait a lot too…

Walton Ford
Unlike the other two guys he’s young, alive, and kicking. Inspired by Audubon style illustrations, he does some pretty massive works…

and my favorite…

and there you have it.