New Portrait: A Girl, A Cat, A Dragon

Katie 18x24" oil on linen. Click image for full-view. I have to sit with it a bit more and take additional photos post-varnish (no colors ever seem to be accurate as they are in real life), but here is my most recent commission. God I love that dress! It took a lot of patience but… Continue reading New Portrait: A Girl, A Cat, A Dragon

Peeping at Bathing Ladies

12x12" oil on panel. Started this back in June before I found out I had cancer and finally got around to finishing it. I have no idea what's going on. Started it after my cat Milkshake died. Wish you could see the fur and flower details better in online photos (click to zoom in). When… Continue reading Peeping at Bathing Ladies

Monkeys, Horses, and Buffalo

I've been on an animal painting kick lately -- not that I'm doing them -- just that I'm becoming more interested in trying it out for myself and admiring people that can paint something that won't sit still for 5 seconds. After trying to paint my cat (my second painted animal ever) I'm thinking I'll… Continue reading Monkeys, Horses, and Buffalo