Raindrops Keep Falling on My Veil

Next week is my solo show, and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to complete everything that I had wanted to. We moved my supplies from the studio to home since I have limited mobility and a catheter from hell that I have to wear for 1 to 3 months. It got caught in the refrigerator door the other day and I only knew it because I tried to walk away (let that visual set in) so I’m feel super sexy right now! I also had another trip to the ER, but thankfully didn’t need to be admitted to Cleveland Clinic, again. The main thing was I got off the narcotics, because the drug combination I was given was making me a tad suicidey for about 2 weeks. My stomach and internal workings are not 100% yet, but I guess I just have to wait that out.

Despite everything, I have made some headway. Although now I wish I had drawn the compositions when I wasn’t sick, because man, I made some poor choices. I guess my main thing right now is just to finish. I know that sounds lame the way people want to just “finish” a marathon by walking it, but at this rate it’s all I have.

Here is a newbie , 20×20″ oil on linen


It about sums up the past month. No one can ever say I don’t have a work ethic.

Youth and Beauty and Sketchy

Finally went to see the “Youth and Beauty” exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art on Friday. There was an event called “Speakeasy” that included Dr. Sketchy’s, food, wine, cocktails — Dark and Stormy was the cocktail du jour — and everyone dressed up in the style of the 1920s. I just wore my purple kimono, but I was glad to have an event to wear it out where I didn’t look too strange. It was great seeing everyone dressed as flappers or variations on Great Gatsby characters.

I didn’t get too many photos with my crummy phone camera, but here are some pictures.

The set-up for Dr. Sketchy…

my friend Michelle Muldrow in front of the banner (wish I had gotten a better shot of her dress!)

my quickie attempt while trying to hold a cocktail in one hand!

Mark Cole the curator did a great job. I wasn’t really a fan of most of the landscapes for some reason;  even my friend Cathie said they all looked really rigid and uptight. I’m a figurative and portrait painter, so of course most of my favorites were in those sections.

Does anyone have the artists and title of this portrait? Because I couldn’t find it online anywhere, and I think he’s my favorite of the show…

Peter Blume.

Romaine Brooks.

Aaron Douglas.

More Aaron Douglas.

Lorsen Feitelson.

I thought this Gerald Murphy  was a print at first, but it’s a painting!

I have done Dr. Sketchy in Miami during Art Basel (remember that flash mob in 2009?), and in New York, but this was my first Cleveland one. I hope the museum lets Dr. Sketchy come and do this again, it was a great area we had right where the construction was happening, with soaring ceilings and great light.