L.A. Group Show: Wasted

This will be the first L.A. show I’ve been in for quite some time; it’s also the first time I created a painting while intoxicated pretty much the whole process! I thought it best to keep with the theme of the show. I was inspired by the hair style of “Helen Lawson” in the movie Valley of the Dolls, but I was also drinking a lot of gin. She’s one of those ladies who lunch kind of gals, don’t you think?

“Dahling!” 16×20″ oil on canvas….

The Great American Past Time
Curated by: Dave MacDowell

featuring works by:
Aaron Jasinski  Allison Reimold  Allison Sommers  Apricot Mantle  Arabella Proffer
Augie Pagan  Aunia Kahn  Big Toe  Bill McEvoy  Brandi Read  Brandon Steen
Buddy Nestor  Cameron Davis  Casey Weldon  Cate Rangel  Charles Wish
Chase Tafoya Chet Zar  Chris B. Murray  Chris Hoffman  Chris Marrs Piliero 
Chris Sheridan Christopher Umana  Craig LaRotonda  Crystal Barbre  Dan Barry 
Dan Harding Dan Quintana  Dark Vomit  Dave Cooper  David Chung  Edith Lebeau
Edward Robin Coronel  Erik Alos  Gabe Larson  Genevive Zacconi  Gregory Rodriguez
Jason Edmiston  Jeff Ramirez  Jessica Ward  John Park  John Cebollaro
Johnny Crap  JoKa  Joseph Reyna  Josh Geiser  Joshua Clay  Ken Keirns
Kolaboy  KRK Ryden  Larkin  Leslie Ditto  Luke Chueh  Mark Elliott  Matt Dangler
Meats Meier  Michael Alvarez  Michael Mararian  Nathan Cartwright  Nicole Bruckman
Patrick Deignan  Patrick Fatica  Peter Adamyan  Richard Frost  Rob Faucette
Robert Bowen  Scott G. Brooks  Scott Scheidly  Serge Gay Jr. Shaunna Peterson
Steven J Daily  Tim Maclean  Trey Xander  ZOSO

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 9th
7-10pm @ WWA GALLERY, Culver City, CA. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Drunk shopping

Sometimes my husband and I like to get really buzzed and then go buy stuff. Mostly “stuff” is candy and over priced coffee, but this past Sunday we got a little more polluted than normal — so of course — he got some interesting things at Target we did not need: Wolverine toothbrush, Grave Digger toy car, and not pictured, a copy of GnR “Appetite for Destruction”. Target is dangerous when you’re buzzed because everything sounds like a good/fun idea to buy.

We also got some fun generic brands you can always turn to in a recession…

Delicare: it don’t clean nothin’ but it smells good. King of Shaves: makes my legs bleed but it smells good. BreathRx: I guess it sorta works. CVS Nail Polish Remover: works eventually, but smells like hell for hours afterward. But dammit, I bought ’em so I’ll use ’em!