My Beautiful Trash Art

It was almost a bet with myself. To replicate and see how long it would take me to create work that has that look. You know, the “bro art” look, the “trash art” look, and the “street art but I like Andy Warhol cuz I don’t really know what art I like, actually” art.

You know, the art that has fashion house logos with drips and screen print textures and spray paint?

It took me no time at all and my focus has been on the 90s, with Bardot thrown in here or there. I refused to do a Chanel perfume bottle, Dom Perignon bottle, or a Louis Vuitton logo as so many have done.

I started to call this series my “trash art” but really it is what I think of as low-effort art. These are actually fun, so fun in fact my alter-ego is a dude named Guy LeBask.

And guess what? You can buy all of these and more over at LeBask’s Black Thistle store. They come in different sizes but I recommend the larger the better.

It also has artwork I’ve done that didn’t really fit into my usual style. I got on a bullet bra kick and shoe design kick for a bit.

Viva LeBask!

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