Closing Out the Year: The Fun and the Not So Fun.

New year, new art!

This beauty is called “Iceberg”

And this one is called “The Botanist”. I made two different colorway versions of her because the poll I took was equally split 50/50. Her robe is based on one I own.

As always you can find these and other babes as open edition prints at

What did you do for closing out 2022?

I went and did some very boring and tedious things. Things like:

  • Clearing out my Google Photos and GDrive
  • Clearing out my iPhone pictures/videos and moving them to Dropbox or other places.
  • Clearing out emails I know I will never need to reference again.
  • Dry Cleaning things before putting them away for the season.
  • Donated clothes to Ukrainian refugees coming to live in Cleveland.
  • New iPhone case!
  • New pens! (from Muji)
  • New Filofax calendar inserts.
  • Doing that whole Mint finance thing for budgeting.
  • Backing up my computer to an external hard drive just because.
  • Purchased a masterclass for Procreate (we shall see if it is anything I didn’t figure out already.)
  • Purchased more cloud storage, because who am I kidding?
  • Gave my electronics a good cleaning.
  • Last year, I made a fancy box for all of my cables, chargers, SIM cards and other accessories. And boy, it really has helped me them being all in one place, especially when I’m about to travel. I just don’t know what to do with my very out of date iPhones.

Four trips are already planned between now and the first week of May. I’m not going to lie, things have been scary over here as I undergo chemotherapy in pill form. Scary, in that it does not seem to be working, but maybe I have to give it more time. I’m starting to look the way I did when the abdomen tumors grew so much I was practically preggo. Right now, my skin is bruising and my hair is turning white. I’m mostly just tired, all the time.

I was supposed to be in Bermuda for NYE and visiting a shaman there to help me. It didn’t pan out with the nightmare that was the last travel season and everyone has COVID again. Maybe next year, or heck, maybe this summer. I hope I can hold out until then. But in the meantime I guess I will just keep making art.

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