Phygital Art Happenings in Cleveland: Recap

Well, I was traveling for a month, immediately came home to a NFT irl show to put on (it went fantastic and is still up by appointment in Cleveland!) and then my poor baby cat Ike died of a heart attack.

I’m so exhausted.

The “Garden of Venus” reception might be over, but here are some of the prints I had left. You can also purchase any of the Tezos “Garden of Venus” NFTs and 50% will be going to an LGBTQ Foundation in Cleveland.

We are out of the newbie guide to getting into Web3 as a creator. If you would like a PDF download of this zine you can buy one for a whole $2 smackers here! This is all the stuff I wish I was told, along with scannable links. Written by moi!

We are please to say a closing reception will be held on Thursday, Dec 1st from 5-8pm. Although the full installation won’t be on view, you will get the core of the idea.

And the show “Without Limits” at the Artist Archives of the Western Reserve is coming to a close but the beautiful catalog with my art on the cover is available everywhere!

My latest tumor scans haven’t happened yet, but I’m sorry to say it is not getting any better.

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