My First Motion Art

And of course, I made it an NFT! Although I spent many hours in a sleep deprived state doing traditional animation, I hadn’t done any animation in my art since… 1999.

I wonder if my old Premier assignments are still on that crazy JAZ drive?

MintGoldDust wanted something different from me, and they got it.

Here is the static version, “Peering from the Crush”

I recently compiled the motion art NFTs I own and installed a monitor on my gallery wall just for them (Samsung 4k monitors are on sale!) because I get that question all the time, “when do you ever look at your NFT art?” and the answer for me is quite a lot, in fact!
by digenni_art

I will be doing several more of these and raising my prices. Keep an eye out in early November for Garden of Venus happening IRL in Cleveland!

2 thoughts on “My First Motion Art”

  1. Beautiful! I’ve always loved your work. We’ll probably be near Cleveland around Christmas, so I’ll try to see if you having anything going on then.

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