Physical and Virtual Art Plans

There’s an arts Triennial going on right now in Cleveland, but I’m not part of it and haven’t been leaving home a lot lately. I haven’t been doing well and my cancer is progressing. It’s just how it is. When I do go out, people assume I have gone into remission. The opposite is true, which is then met with a, “but you look great!”.

And so, I don’t go out much.

There is an upcoming exhibition at The Artist Archives of the Western Reserve opening September 22nd. This is a group show called “Without Limits”.

I have a painting (back from its stint at the museum) and a few drawings, and a very gorgeous print available.

My NFTs on the higher end are available via 1stDibs and I even was selected as a editorial 1st Dibs Top Pick with a very interesting take.

If you have not visited my metaverse gallery, come on in! You don’t need VR Googles and can do it on your desktop, but wow being there with the goggle on is really cool and I have already met up with a few people in there.

I’ll be making a formal announcement soon, but I am leading an arts collective in doing something in Cleveland that is Web3 and in-person in a really cool space that will be transformed. I just got done sorting which grants said yes and which said no. November 4th, mark your calendar now!

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