This past February, I knew nothing about NFTs other than it seemed dumb. Because that’s all you hear in the news, right? A celebrity bought an ape and then got scammed, or something like that is usually all you hear.

I went from knowing nothing to showing my work on the tallest billboard in Times Square and beyond, in a matter of months. This would never happen in the trad art world.

The launch of TreeTrunk was my main reason for being part of the conference (thank you to that whole team + Logik!), and they are the reason I am a web3 degen these days. Beyond exhibiting with them and releasing digital prints, I showed in a few other places such as Stratosphere, Lava, and with Metaprideland.

I missed out on all the fun with Spatial but I did get to partake in a few panels. It was a lot of running around. The best was coffee with dear friends while we stood in Times Square to see my piece (and my face) on the billboard, surrounded by women doing yoga, and the naked cowboy turned up, of course.

I needed a week to recover from this conference and I didn’t even go to half of the things I meant to! I forget what it is like not being able to “go home” after events like I could when I lived in L.A. going to things like Siggraph and E3. I missed out on the puppy play area because the line was long, but I sat through many music in web3 talk, and got too overwhelmed to make it to Radio City Music Hall etc. All in all, I am a very outgoing person, but even this was soooo much peopleing.

The thing I noticed a lot walking around? The number of janky-ass ATMs in Manhattan are alarming. I smell a new photo book coming if you think I should raise money for it? Maybe via NFTs this time around?

I’m a lazy blogger for reasons that are well-known, but you can always find me on Twitter or here on IG….

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