My NFT.NYC 2022 Exhibitions

I cannot wait to spend my birthday with friends in the city during the NFT.NYC conference.

June 21 – 25 NFT.NYC EVENTS:  

My works will be on view on yes, a 50 foot illuminated billboard in TIMES SQUARE, and in the atrium for Marriott Marquis.

  • Tuesday, June 21st from 8:30 am to 9:30am, come join me at the red steps of 47th and Broadway to see it all go down. My painting “Sophistication” will be in Times Square!
  • Wednesday June 22ndTreeTrunk will be officially unveiling their mainnet and art exhibition including people like myself, LOGIK, CryptoJewler and more. To be on my personal guest list, please email me if you’ll be in Brooklyn and register here.
  • My biomorphic work will be part of METAPRIDELAND included in galleries in both Decentraland and The Sandbox. An NFT of “Eater” will be auctioned off for their charity. And, during the live event taking place at the Avant Gardner on June 25th and during Planet Pride at the Brooklyn Mirage on June 25th as well.

And, if you can’t be there in-person, come into the metaverse and dig my retrospective exhibition ULTRA VIVID

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