Web3 + Me

I’ve been away in Utah, New York, Maryland, but the rest of my time has been an all-consuming swirl of artwork and NFTs.

It has been interesting who considers it art and who doesn’t.

I made several NFT collections with Ethereum and Tezos, which slowly will get added to here and even more affordable cats and such! I’m mostly what you call a 1/1 artist.

Recently, I was invited to create some pieces for 1stDibs wow I am flattered!

I also made the decision to release my out-of-print book “The Restrooms of Cleveland” this summer as an NFT! I am pitching the big art book publishers to expand it to no avail, but in the meantime I get emails weekly and demand is high. This way people can print photos of their favorites to frame. Because why not? It’ll be a splash.

Speaking of NFTs, I am on a mission to onboard more female and LGBTQ artists! There’s very few and we all stick together. I am also on a mission to de-mystify all this crypto art stuff and speak street to people about it.

I went from not thinking much about NFTs to now being told my art will be on an illuminated 50 foot billboard in TIMES SQUARE for NFT.NYC all in a matter of 3.5 months!!!

So, I created a Tiny Guide to Getting Into NFTs for a whole $1 with links, things I wish I knew, and plain speaking about what it all is and actionable steps you can take.

Check it out!

I promise you will understand things a little better, and if you need more help, shoot me an email! I think it is a great passive income option for artists, writers, and musicians. But we are very early, hence the fear that surrounds the web3 space by those who don’t partake.

I wrote an article for the Craft Industry Alliance on how makers tend to be early adopters, and how they can get into web3 and I always try to “talk street” when explaining the finer points that sound complex (but really aren’t).

Web3 is already here in many ways and so I decided to embrace it. I’m so excited to also be working with TreeTrunk and I will be at NFT.NYC in June as well as exhibiting for their mainnet launch for my birthday! Funny how I was just in NYC thinking about how I could come back in the summer.

And, you can hear more about all my new obsessions on the TreeHouse YouTube channel.

The Irish Tech News podcast also did an interview with me about how I got into NFTs and how cannabis and cancer led me there.

The Creative Arts Network did a piece that quoted me about the whole shebang.

And my local alt weekly did a very nice piece about a discussion at the Cleveland Institute of Art that quoted me a lot in how it is not as scary as it sounds.

It has been really weird being one of the few women let alone one of the few artists it seems in the entire city of Cleveland minting or collecting at all on the blockchain. Are there any other aside from some who have met with me already, or signed-up to onboard with me? Any? Leave a comment!

Anyway, I have been working on a few commissions which is frankly amazing to me, but artists are problem solvers, and that’s been very evident to me the last 3 months. Chemo has given me problems in my hands and joints that just never seem to go away, but I have to do it or I will go crazy. Not painting for over a year was weird enough, and it won’t happen again — I hope!

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