Rare NFTs: What Might Carry Forth My Artistic Legacy

My first NFT collections are here and I’m a little tripped out by it all!

I cannot tell you over the years how many software programs and platforms I’ve had to learn — at times on the fly — and learning about blockchain in a short time is yet another thing I had to squeeze into that part of my brain. Hey at least I don’t remember PageMaker or Quark! Then again, I barely remember how to play the piano, viola, or speak Russian.

ANYWAY, I’ve added a section on my website about what’s coming.

It’s been a question of what to do with my digital legacy given my current circumstances, and I think we have found something where people can continue to collect or be introduced to my artwork, all after I’m gone.

And right now, there’s a very small percentage of women involved in the space. Less than 19%.

Besides, nothing’s more rare than artwork that’s been sold out in the “meat world” so it is just as rare in web3 or whatever you’d like to call it. There is unlockable content for some holders to get original drawings, so it’s not all completely online as far as ownership. The rest have high-res downloads.

I have collections here on OpenSea and more affordable ones here on Objkt.

The longevity of art on a non-tangible media like CDR or image file is something I’ve thought about since college, when ZIP and JAZ went obsolete; how long does that data stay there and will be legible? I have images burned to CDs, but i wonder if animation from 1999 is still on a JAZ disk.

If you are down on NFTs, that’s cool, I have real world pieces still for collectors.

I’m happy I can give new life to these paintings in this very strange way, but the blockchain is here to stay. As I have been saying for a few weeks now, “I get it now, but I still don’t get it” but that’s everyone in web3 these days.

If you are a creator who is thinking about creating NFTs, you can download my Tiny Guide to NFTs for a whole $1

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