2021: A List of Things That Made It Suck Less (a tiny bit)

For an end of the year list, I thought I would share with you the silly, superficial, useful, or fabulous items that made my year suck just a tiny bit less. Also some TV shows, podcasts, and other activities. Let’s just admit that buying ourselves a little treat here and there is a nice pick-me-up in this age and it is the least we can do for ourselves. I will say that when I was dealing with chemo and radiation I went into a spiral of online shopping, it was the only thing making me feel good. So go ahead, dig it…

  • Continental breakfasts
  • Peach sparkling water
  • dried Kiwi
  • Runway shows on YouTube (I like to have them on loop on the TV in the background)
  • Documentaries about the Blitz Kids on YouTube (there’s a lot)
  • “Startup” Netflix
  • “Euphoria” HBO
  • Getting a pedicure every other month with my husband (I cannot do my own at this point)
  • Fresh flowers, but not roses because my cats eat them!
  • CBD and Delta 8 Gummie delivery
  • Dr. Chatterjee’s “Feel Better Live More” Podcast
  • the “Just Enough Family” Podcast

Aside from all of this, I bought some art, but trust me when I say I could buy soooo much if I had the income. I really should have started an art advisory back in the day; I pick winners and have impeccable taste. Anyway.

Let me know if you try any of these things and like it! Cheers, and happy 2022.

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