Paintings in Print (and on 7 inch records)

Lately things have been weird but good, too. I’ve gotten quite a bit of press and features which is nice. It’s always hard to cut through the noise of media in general, and I never know who sees my work, who reads about it, if they come across it in unexpected places, if they even like it — or care. The main takeaway this past year being the sheer amazement I’m even doing anything; although I still haven’t been able to paint again.

CAN journal did a feature on me by Brittany Hudak.

Mimi Magazine which is NE Ohio paper did one, too.

Dana Point Times is my hometown newspaper and I did a little interview during a month stay back at the homestead in Orange County.

Apartment Therapy featured my fun condo, and the Financial Times IG account decided to put a spotlight on my living room with Tina holding court. We’ve already changed this couch out for a pink one!

I am so happy a bunch of my work appears in the Friend of the Artist book volume 13. Not just on my feature page but throughout!

But wait there’s moar! I also was asked to provide my painting “Supersonic Space Princess” as the Lil BUB box set picture disc 7″ record that comes with the book. It’s super trippy! It turns out BUB’s human bought the original painting at a show at Spoke Art and then gifted it to a documentary filmmaker friend who did the film about the phenomenon around Lil BUB. You can purchase prints and stickers of the OG painting. Crazy times!

Let us not forget my newest little book, created more for posterity than anything, I could have added so much more but it would then become a very pricey book indeed. For what I have been hearing, children in particular really dig it! If you please, you can order it here. They make great gifts, too.

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