Living in Limbo

It’s been a crazy time and frankly, I’m kind of surprised I’m still here! Today is my 43rd birthday and I wasn’t sure if I’d see it. I’m about to hop a plane back to California to see the parentals and to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary in Palm Springs.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of talking about life and death and all that, and people want to know more, I suppose. My doctors thought getting me to a year “would be good” and that year ends on July 1st. I’m still nervous, and I hate the month of June because something bad always seems to happen, in on the last day. I had a feeling about it last year and was nervous; the evening of the last night in June is when this whole ride began. Have I mentioned I hate June?

I did my first podcast interview with the BJM Medical Journal and one of my best friends, Dr. Schillace.

I was on our PBS and NPR station for a chat with Ideastream…

I had my very first art magazine cover…

Posed for a series of portraits.

By Larry Zuzik

And I will be appearing a few other places in the near future. I also have a solo exhibition coming to Buffalo, NY and since I am unable to paint, it will be something a little different for me — stay tuned!

1 thought on “Living in Limbo”

  1. OK, I think I got through all the digital obstacles, if that’s what they were: signing up on MagCloud @ to its rules, wondering whether Dear Arabella Magazine was in honor of you (the woman in the basement in net stockings didn’t look like you), ditto Alt Bella mag, & so on. If I’ve arrived, I want to say that I’m glad you made the good use of your time & developed your art with massive strides. I was inspired to draw in my twenties, but studies in Russ lit pushed it aside, & when I returned, well, it’s back to where I began, the same with German language, also Spanish. So as varied as we like to be, it’s usually one main road, & you have done it in style. I like very much the subtle shading of faces that are seen in bright light and also the radiance in the irises of the eyes. There’s a portrait of two women, but I’m afraid if I try to go back to find it I’ll get closed out of this box & join the bummed-out lady in the cellar. GK.

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