Essential Beauty Products for Cancer Patients

These past few weeks have marked the first time in almost a year I’m not in some sort of pain. For those who don’t know, I am a terminal cancer patient; the cancer is everywhere, I’ve lost count of the locations, and I’ve done the hardcore chemo along with hardcore radiation. This isn’t my first rodeo, ten years ago I had cancer as well, but it was localized in my leg and chemo was not on the table. To be honest, I’m shocked I have survived the pain of these treatments and what the tumors do to me. I’ve beaten the odds so far and that is probably because most other patients die from the pain.

If you need advice on hospitalization overall, please read this.

I wanted to give you a list of beauty products that have helped me with those fun side effects like dry skin, dry mouth, dry eyes, dry everything. And products that just make me feel — well, not gross!

So here we go!

  • Dr Jart BB cream This stuff I’ve used forever and prefer it to foundation. It was developed as a recovery cream for plastic surgery patients. Everyone asks how my skin looks so great — this stuff.
  • Anastasia brow pencil Losing your brows? Well this pencil will get them back just fine.
  • Wayne Goss brushes I have not tried his makeup yet, but his brushes are soft and designed not to drag skin, especially older skin around the eyes.
  • BellaDes lotion I slather myself in this stuff all day and night and it smells great. The lip balm is a winner as well. Don’t ever use Chapstick!
  • Refresh Eye Drops Even my doctors agreed, other eyedrops are crap and to only use this brand. It came in handy when I lost all of my lashes and the weeping would start.
  • Onsen Towels Gosh I love these towels! And they don’t take forever to dry and don’t smell damp.
  • Ginseng Eye Cream Here’s the thing about this cream and how I use it — I know it is expensive — but I use it not as an eye cream but as an overall face cream. I actually came upon this by accident and it is great on a long flight or in really dry weather.
  • Liquid Exfoliant You will always have dry skin falling off you, and although I have used Clinique for a more abrasive exfoliation, I think this stuff works better for long-term results. But get used to using exfoliants every few days. Cream masks will only help you for a few days at best.
  • Shower and bath soap Boring I know, but it is what all doctors recommend and frankly anything else the floral smell makes me gag. It gets the job done and that’s that.
  • Dry Mouth mouthwash This company also makes lozenges but the mouthwash works way better. The dry mouth my meds cause drives me crazy!
  • Lait Creme Concentrate This stuff is the real MVP. If you get anything from this list, get this. It does everything from moisturize, to working as a primer, hand and neck cream, and even makeup remover.

There you have it. If you have anything you use that I should know about please leave a comment.

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