Idolized in Las Vegas

Photo Oct 06, 10 16 19 PM

Last year this time, my husband and I did a quickie trip to Las Vegas to see Billy Idol. It was the first time I had been back to Vegas since 2007 — which is a strange feeling being that I used to go there all the time. Most things had changed but a few things hadn’t.

Photo Oct 06, 10 40 00 PM

We saw a lot of art on this trip both in galleries and hotels. I came across all of these Erte pieces at Caesar’s Palace.

Photo Oct 06, 11 09 48 PM
Photo Oct 06, 11 09 44 PM
Photo Oct 06, 11 09 32 PM
Photo Oct 06, 10 51 11 PM

The one thing that never changes is The Peppermill. It is and always will be my place of comfort since I was 17 when visiting Las Vegas. It is a vaporwave dream.

Photo Oct 06, 9 34 00 PM
Photo Oct 06, 9 01 15 PM
Photo Oct 06, 9 00 53 PM
Photo Oct 06, 8 56 56 PM

We took a trip downtown and of course The Neon Museum was closed (it is closed every time I try to go) but since we were there, we hit up the El Cortez. This is the “vintage rooms” section and this photo they picked up on their social media. I just liked all of the patterns.

Photo Oct 06, 8 23 39 PM
Photo Oct 06, 8 23 09 PM
Photo Oct 06, 8 16 50 PM

We did an exhaustive visit to The Hard Rock, looking for the Sex Pistols slot machine that used to be there. It was no longer. Everything is digital. I will say that they have some pieces I’m shocked are not in the Rock Hall — especially the punk stuff. I took too many photos but here’s a Circle Jerks drum kit.

Photo Oct 05, 6 55 27 PM

Making calls at the former courthouse turned Mob Museum and Spakeasy bar.

Photo Oct 06, 7 58 42 PM

The Sands is no longer, but we can always remember.

Photo Oct 06, 6 56 13 PM
Photo Oct 05, 7 19 30 PM

I had never stayed this far off the strip before but the Palms was excellent which had an amazing art collection.

Photo Oct 05, 12 24 07 PM
Photo Oct 06, 5 03 56 PM
James Jean mural!

All of this and yet, no in-room coffee!

Photo Oct 05, 12 13 06 PM

We had just been to the Warhol Museum and this was in the front lobby. That’s a good $100k right there.

Photo Oct 05, 5 16 09 PM

The Hirst bar, where, after the concert police were called to haul away a drunk dude who passed out in his banquette. His girlfriend was in a wheelchair and when the cops showed up, she jumped out of it like it didn’t belong to her.

Photo Oct 05, 5 15 51 PM

Out of the whole crowd we met two ladies from Cleveland! (who took our picture). I didn’t think I’d be so close to the stage! The show was amazing and Steve Stevens was half the entertainment. Billy’ son was also in the front row and they were heckling each other. See blow for little video clips. It is too bad we are in a pandemic because we had intended to fly back and see him again in when the dates got extended for his shows. Well, I guess all I can say is, if you get the chance, go see Billy!

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