A Trip to the Troll Hole

On the way to drop my artwork off for a solo show last year, my friend and fellow artist, Dott von Schneider, and I decided to make a visit to a museum in Ohio we had heard about for a while. It was now time, and we were mentally prepared to experience: The Troll Hole.

It is indeed, the world’s largest collection. But, it is so much more! I took about 100,000 photos and tried to edit down what I could but it is a place to behold yourself — even if you don’t care much for the troll doll. There’s a cafe, gift shop, grotto, resident artists who create rooms, and small children even get a doll to hold during the tour to prevent them from mucking about with the all-star collector items. It is about more than just the doll, it even goes into the history and lore of trolls.

Photo Jul 06, 3 05 16 PM

The collection got so out of hand that this is the former employee bathroom with a giant troll on the toilet!

Photo Jul 06, 2 53 36 PM

I mean…

Photo Jul 06, 3 04 40 PM

The woman who started the collection even had a troll wedding.

Photo Jul 06, 2 39 31 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 51 03 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 49 39 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 48 54 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 46 50 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 46 33 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 46 28 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 45 15 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 39 08 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 39 01 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 37 26 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 37 16 PM

So many hidden things in this walking tour…

Photo Jul 06, 2 35 55 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 32 21 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 31 15 PMPhoto Jul 06, 2 29 41 PM


Photo Jul 06, 2 26 51 PM

You can in fact mail in your own customized dolls to be part of the arena. Have a favorite NFL team? Mail in a doll wearing their gear! As you can see the stadium is a little sparse right now, so they need your contributions.

While we were at it, the Feline Museum was next door (with odd hours) and so we ventured to the always wonderful Randyland in Pittsburgh!

2019-07-06 11.41.462019-07-06 18.51.492019-07-06 18.51.40-1

Go check it out if you dare!

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