YSL Eye Event: Artist Brushes x Make-Up Brushes



On Saturday, May 9th from Noon to 5pm I will be doing portraits of a sort, at Nordstrom in Beachwood as part of the rock the look couture eye event promotion from YSL Beauty. We’re talking liners, shadows, mascaras, and all that good stuff!

With qualifying purchase you receive a “Lover’s Eye” oil painting of your make-up, done by celebrity make-up artist Elle Gemma. You’ll take home your eye portrait that day, and a gift from YSL with your purchase during this event.

Spaces are limited, so please RSVP to ElleGemma@live.com for your half-hour appointment.

1 thought on “YSL Eye Event: Artist Brushes x Make-Up Brushes”

  1. We were completely booked for our previous event, and ran an extra hour! These will be half hour appointments, focused on creating a signature eye look, the perfect colour placement for your specific eye structure, shape & colour, and which tools to use to create it. Full Metal Creme Shadows, our latest release, are crease proof & don’t budge all day! Perfect with our waterproof liners, for melt proof summer staying power. We make 4 different mascaras, in a sublime range of shades, including two additional waterproof selections. We also recently released an eye primer that holds any shadow you currently use with greater brilliance! Please email me at ellegemma@live.com to book an appointment. ♡

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