Tiny Trifecta 2015



I’m pleased to say I will be participating again in “Tiny Trifecta” at The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY this summer.

June 6th – July 5th

Artists are doing 3 small pieces each, and they include:

John Baizley / Dilek Baykara / Melinda Beck / Andrew Bell / Andrei Bouzikov / Iain Burke / Zoe Byland / You Byun / Scott C / Deedee Cheriel / Luke Chueh / Ciou / Troy Coulterman / Lana Crooks / Gabi de la Merced / Kelly Denato / Camilla d’Errico / Dima Drjuchin / Emroca / Brian Ewing / Natalia Fabia / Eric Fortune / AJ Fosik / Mab Graves / Michael Hacker / Kelley Hagemes / Seldon Hunt / Jeremy Hush / Charlie Immer / Jordin Isip / Martine Johanna / JK5 / Joka / Erik Jones / Lyejm Kallas-Lewis / Aya Kakeda / Andrea Kang / Andy Kehoe / Kraken / Ian Kuali’i / Brad Kunkle / Grace Lang / Jesse LeDoux / Henry Lewis / Farron Loathing / Lola / Tina Lugo / David Mack / Sean Mahan / Malojo / Steven Manale / Sara Antoinette Martin / Megan Massacre / Dan May / Marco Mazzoni / Jim McKenzie / Brandi Milne / Junko Mizuno / Moki / Heiko Muller / Lori Nelson / Shaunna Peterson / London Police / Anthony Pontius / Arabella Proffer / Martha Rich / Jay Ryan / Isabel Samaras / Allison Sommers / Amy Sol / Brian Sparrow / Diana Sudyka / Adam Wallacavage / Elizabeth Winnel / Yoskay Yamamoto

There will be pre-registration at 4pm on June 6th, because as you know, this event can get a little crazy! I was really hoping to make it in person, but my travel to New Orleans is a bit too close to fit both in.

This is a cool way to get work for $100 a pop from some great artists! Visit the Cotton Candy Machine website for a viewing of all the works closer to the date, or if you are a nut, go camp out and wait in line — as some have been known to do.

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