Goodnight to The Duchess

Very sad to learn of the passing of The Duchess of Alba.


If you know my work, you know I’ve done quite a bit of peerage research over the years. She was the most titled aristocrat alive, and at the time had “the most expensive wedding in the world”. In fact, here are all her official titles, I think….

Doña Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y Silva
…XVIII Duchess of Alba de Tormes
XI Duchess of Berwick
XVIII Duchess of Hijar
XI Duchess of Liria and Jerica
III Duchess of Arjona
XVIII Countess of Lerin
XVIII Constable of Navarre and Eibar
XIV Countess-Duchess of Olivares
XVI Marchioness of El Carpio
XVII Countess of Aranda
XXII Countess of Lemos
XIX Countess of Miranda del Castañar
XVII Countess of Monterrey
XX Countess of Osorno
XVIII Countess of Palma del Rio
XX Marchioness of Moya
XVII Marchioness of Orani
XI Marchioness of Osera
XVII Marchioness of San Leonardo
XIX Marchioness of Sarria
XI Marchioness of Tarazona
XVII Marchioness of Valdunquillo
XVI Marchioness of Villanueva del Rio
XX Marchioness of Villanueva del Fresno
IX Marchioness of Almenara
XVI Marchioness of La Algaba
XIV Marchioness of Barcarrota
XVIII Marchioness of Castaneda
XIX Marchioness of Coria
XIV Marchioness of Eliche
XVIII Marchioness of Mirallo
XX Marchioness of la Mota
XIX Countess of Andrade
XVI Countess of Ayala
XX Countess of Villalba
XIV Countess of Casarrubios del Monte
XIV Countess of Fuentes de Valdepero
XI Countess of Fuentidueña
XVII Countess of Galve
XVIII Countess of Gelves
XXIV Countess of Ribadeo
XI Countess of Santa Cruz de la Sierra
XXIII Countess of San Esteban de Gormaz
XI Viscountess of la Calzada
29th Lady of Moguer
Constable of Aragon
Marshal of Castilla
Can you imagine all of that being announced by a herald as she entered the room of a ball or royal function?
Goodnight La Duquesa.

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