Winners + Thanks

Thank you so much to those of who donated (aka purchased) my sketches and color studies for my flash fundraiser! I’m glad these originals are going to some good homes and I’ll be getting them out over the next few weeks to everyone.

Congrats to Margaret McCartney, you won the framed acrylic/watercolor of “Hoodlum” and congrats to Melissa Mrazek, you won the catalog and sticker set!

I even sold some original oil paintings, so I can put a huge payment down to get the Cleveland Clinic off my back (how do you like that for transparency?). Oh, speaking of medical institutions, here’s a little article of me getting sassy about the unfortunate surgery from 6 months ago, while also promoting the sale and my upcoming little reception during 3rd Fridays at Toast. If you haven’t had a cocktail or the desserts from Toast, you should come even just for that! I’ll be there from 6-10pm. I’m a very social person, so when I get cooped up in the hospital or my apartment for too long against my will I go nuts, and therefore, make up for lost time in a big way.

Hoping to start maybe moving supplies back to the studio, although with this weather I’m not sure. Here is a funny photo of my current dining room table studio, sans the cats walking into everything…


Everyone needs a Sabertooth skull and a shit list, right?


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