Week of Hell

A lot has happened, and for various reasons, I cannot tell you everything in full detail.

My surgery was botched and this was a surgery no where near as complex as the one on my leg. Basically, I spent all week in the hospital (came home one night then was back via the ER) and only came home, for good, recently. I suffered intestinal shock, and then went into kidney failure! If my mom and best friend had not arrived and saw how I looked I probably would have died at home. Right now I’m living with a catheter to correct some problems — and yeah, yeah you can tell me people do that, but not typically 35 year old women — if you don’t know what a catheter is, look it up because it is as awful as it sounds.

Thanks to those of you who visited, sent gifts, and tried to relive my husband.

Thankfully I finally got an iPhone right before all this happened; I probably would have gone crazy if I didn’t have one. Although, in the hospital you are never really alone between nurses, housekeeping, room service, residents, administrators, and other people who wake you at all hours. My husband will finally be getting a cell phone now too, he’s terrified to leave me alone the next few weeks. If you didn’t know, us getting iPhones is kind of a big deal.

I won’t be updating much of here for a while, so with that, now you can follow me on Instagram.

1 thought on “Week of Hell”

  1. FRICK!
    TG for your Mom and BF. (And catheters SUCK.)
    Hope your Mom gets all ‘Maniac Mommy’ on your Docs. (Seriously. Momma Bears are NOT to be messed with! 🙂

    Ugh. Well, at least now we have some idea how to help!
    I DO love ‘Evangeline’ but I’m going to let my daughter pick.
    We can at least do a lg. print. (You don’t by any chance have any ‘Norse-Ukie’ prints? Hilarious.)
    Just have to set up a new, non-Google-cuz-Google-now-sux, email.

    Hope they get this all under control. And really glad your Mom’s there.
    Hang in there, grrrl!!!


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