Brooklyn, Manhattan + Manhattan, Brooklyn

Over the Labor Day weekend and beyond (way to go American Airlines for cancelling flights on Labor Day!), I spent about a week going back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan with our whole Cleveland contingent to visit friends, attend various events, and a penthouse birthday bash for a dear friend (with an amazing view of my favorite skyscraper). I’m hoping to go back again in the spring! I feel bad I never made it to various museums I had on my list, but after getting lost in the Brooklyn subway for over an hour after my knee went out — well, I was not amused on that first day. At least I got to take a peek at the Morbid Anatomy Library before I passed out from heat stroke.

My husband hadn’t been to NYC since about 1999, so needless to say, he was shocked at the lack of junkies and over all vibe that used to make you stay on your toes. The stark contrast of Brooklyn and even Manhattan these days is something one immediately notices. That, and the insane amount of acid wash denim. No really, what’s up with all the acid wash denim in NYC? It was everywhere from Wall Street to Park Slope!

Various things I remember:

3 of us piling into a pedicab to ride around 5th Avenue. I have never been so terrified in all my life!

5 women jumping on a plush bed at the St. Regis, and we hadn’t even started drinking yet. Well, do mimosa cocktails count?

Everyone is still rude on the subways. If you think someone will give up their seat for a person with a cane, is supremely preggo, or on crutches, well you are dead wrong.

I crossed over from lower Brooklyn to Manhattan waaaay too many times and spent waaay too much on car services after my knee went wonky.

Gorilla Coffee got a visit from the TV show “Man vs. Food” before they went off to film. I saw the host standing outside and wanted to chide him for being gross, but I didn’t. I was too tired without coffee my yet to get combative with a Food Network pig.

Poor smokers. They have to walk and smoke, they can’t stand around outside anymore because Bloomberg said so. Also cigarettes are $12.00

Park Slope is basically a lot of yogurt shops and people in yoga pants. Mostly yogurt.

The private NYSE tour was really fun. I didn’t know they had so many pieces of art (that need better lighting to not make them look like fakes) and various gifts from the Czar of Russia. I may own stock in various companies, but when a few floors traders tried to explain their jobs to me, I got lost 1/4 of the way through. It was a slow day, hence one trader yelled out, “just ring the fucking bell already” around 2pm.

The dining room at the NYSE only started allowing women in last year!

Not many people talk on their cell phones, at least, not that I noticed aside from teenagers.

Commonwealth Bar has the best jukebox ever. I think it might even be better than The Saint in New Orleans.

A transvestite jogger came running toward me on a Sunday morning and all I could think was, “how do you run in fishnets in this heat?!”

Despite a flight cancellation, we had a wonderful time with our extra day, and now I’m in love with the restaurant, Junior’s.

Anyway, here are photos galore…

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