Some Arty Farty Things I’m Doing

and stuff…

  • There’s a Kickstarter I’ve involved with by BJM of Silber Records. He’s doing artist magnet and button sets, some of which features paintings of mine + an original painting as a high reward. Check it out here.
  • Prints of “Dahling” released by WWA Gallery in Los Angeles are now available, only $35! Visit here.
  • “The Dress Says It All” was a great success for the opening reception, one of the best attended I’m told. You can go see the show at BAYarts now through the 31st. And have I mentioned you can purchase prints of my painting framed or unframed here?
  • Oh hey, are you into Russian literature or the history of the Soviet Union censoring authors and books — not to mention the company my parents started? Well goodie! I made this video finally, of all the interviews done in 1999 in Moscow. Sorry a lot of it is in Russian, but some isn’t. Go grab yourself some tea and learn things, here.

In other news it is about as hot in Cleveland right now as it is in New Orleans, so thank Zeus for central air! I’ve moved much of my art supplies from the studio to my home, because even with a portable AC until in there, I was dying by that west facing window! Let’s see how many cat hairs appear in this next small painting I’m working on, shall we?


oh Ike.

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