A Little Bit About Ardis

I’ve been working on a video pulled from various tapes I shot over the years having to do with the publishing company my parents founded, Ardis Publishers.

I have footage from 1992-1999 (some usable, and some not so much) that I have been digitizing and compiling to be ready in time for the conference in honor of my dad at the University of Michigan this September (he would have been 75). Unfortunately most of the interviews are in Russian and I don’t have time or resources to have them all translated. Some are of friends and some are of writers like Lev Razgon, and Emma Gerstein. But hey, at least Russians will appreciate it. If anything, it is a good history lesson on the various ways the Soviet Union controlled the arts.

Here is one of the few interviews in English I did with my mom back in 1999…

1 thought on “A Little Bit About Ardis”

  1. When my wife and I came to the US in 1977, my first job was in the venerable foreign language bookstore, the Schoenhof’s, in Cambridge, Mass. There I suddenly found myself in the ocean of books, books I could never read in the Soviet Union. And the best of them were from Ardis. I bought as many as our modest budget could afford (or, rather, could not afford), and these books are still with us, after many years and moves. The cover of the Metropol needs a bookbinder’s attention:) Thank you for writing this and for your mother’s interview.

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