My Recent Guests

For a few years now, I’ve been the go-to person for a lot of film and art people who come through Cleveland either to showcase work or film on location. Recently I got to hang out with film maker/artist Kevin Jerome Everson (I still have the pages of the NYT article from a few years back on him), and he’s a pretty fun guy. He’s up for a MacArthur Grant and I hope he gets it!

Watching “Spring Breakers” together on Saturday night was really interesting, because it had been so long since I’d watched a movie with other film people; the running commentary took me back to my days in the film/video department at Cal Arts. Speaking of Cal Arts, I also hosted Kevin’s 3 interns that were helping on a film he was working on that involved the Cleveland Water Department. One is a current student, the other two are about to enter the MFA program. So hey, I did right by my alma mater to bake gluten-free pasta and cookies, and suggest places for them to go dancing in the few moments they had to relax over the long weekend. Needless to say, my cat Tina was super excited about a big slumber party with lots of girls! It was a nice change of pace from having hosted bands for so many years, both here, and my old pad in Hollywood. Aside from being a film student, LNZ is also a talented rapper! Go check out her stuff…

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