Let Me Know When It Is Over

Mercury Retrograde, full moon, whatever you want to say about it, this week so far has been dangerous for me!

Monday I had an MRI in which the contrast dye (that I’m allergic to but ‘oh CT dye is different to MRI dye’) leaked out into my arm after a vein was torn in the process. Basically I lost the use of my left arm for several hours. Numbness and burning? Oh yes indeed. “oh my God, I’m so sorry!” was all the tech could say after a nurse was called in. They told it would shake off eventually. It didn’t.

Tuesday I got into a car accident on the highway when a piece of crap truck lost their entire front bumper and part of their headlight — and it all came crashing into me. After running over everything and swerving (almost hitting a wall), I was able to drive home. Alas, the car is towed and being repaired as we speak. Later that day my husband was damn nearly killed in a collision thanks to someone not having their headlights on.

Today I finally got steroids for my arm, since it is still numb and burning, and tight. My art supplies have still not arrived from California, my cat threw up into the heating vent, and various other things have not been going well. If you think I’m driving or leaving the house this week — you are wrong! Let me know when this phase is over.

I’ll just be over here angrily drinking wine and watching the Lifetime Movie Network. Supposedly this whole thing ends on Super Sunday and I will be in New Orleans for it, but really, I don’t want to have to worry about being killed until then!

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