A Portrait In Laguna Hills


Here is the finished portrait of Miss Gypsy A, 36×36 inches, oil on canvas.

This is just a quick update after my week in Orange County, more photos of the WWA Gallery show and other exciting adventures I had; all while catching up with some old friends, spending time with the fam, meeting new people, and somehow being able to finish a portrait commission in a size 3x bigger than what I normally do — and in a working environment I was not used to. I think I did it in less than 5 days. It goes to show what deadlines and pressure can do to me!


She had the best eyes, and the hair was a blast to do. You know, I worked on this at my parents’ house and the little dog kept staring and whimpering at it. We think he wanted to get up on her lap. Actually, all of the animals of the house sat and watched me work.

A big ass light that was in the garage, thankfully!


Miss A in front of the finished work. Still needs a frame after it dries (and excuse the yellow saturation in the photo) but you get the idea of scale…


The tripe AAA women: Miss A, myself, and pal Andrea hanging out in San Clemente. Primary colors, no less!


More to come.

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