Black Unicorn

A few exciting things in the works! I’m being flown out to Orange County for a portrait commission for a week (I feel so Tamara de Lempicka right now) and as a result, I will be in attendance for the group show “I Believe in Unicorns, Too” at WWA Gallery in Culver City on Saturday Feb. 16th 7-10pm.

Here is one of the paintings…


“Black Unicorn” 16×20″ oil on panel.

I’ll also be in a group show called “eyeCandy” at WWA Gallery in March with Aaron Jasinski,  Gustavo Rimada,  Edith Lebeau,  Brandi Read,  Robert Bowen, Charlie Immer,  Audrey Pongrancz, Jason Johns, and  Ken Keirns!

It’s been weird doing a portrait after not doing them for a while. I better get back into it before I fly to Los Angeles next month. Speaking of non-portraits, I only have one copy of my mini catalog left, so I made it available thru, it includes a preview and all that snazzy stuff.

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