Rhinebeck Recap and O+

I’m a bit delayed in posting photos from this trip, but I went to NOLA a few days after I got back and only today started looking at photos!

The weekend of O+ Festival turned into a wonderful lady’s weekend with my friends. I didn’t get to see much in the way of musical acts during the festival because we were all running around and causing trouble — a little bit. Shannon and I had booked a room at the Super 8 in Kingston and after dealing with it for one night (do I even go down the list, no, go read my TripAdvisor for that), our friends came and sprung us after seeing it, and let us crash in their suite at Beekman Arms. It was like an adult slumber party! Because of the festival, I was able to get a dental cleaning (it was good I went it appears!) and got a chiropractic session for the 1st time ever (frankly, it’s not helpful in my case) and the festival organizers and volunteers were so nice! We saw some semi TV celebs walking around, had some micro brews, lots of coffee, brandy, yelling at people, and amazing meals at Rhinebeck restaurants. The area around the Hudson can go from being totally cute and affluent, to totally depressing and full of meth heads. Driving around was an adventure in itself. So, with that, here are a bunch of photos….

And here is a crowd sourced video of the weekend…

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