Artists Painting Artists reception

It was super packed at BAYarts last night in Bay Village. I wish I had gotten more photos, but these will suffice. Big thanks to Judy for running the class and letting me pose! It’s so surreal to walk into a room full of different visions of yourself. Here is my wall, with a few of my own pieces…

Judy and Stanka, with Dino watching over them, and a cool portrait of the 3 sitters…

Judy’s shoes…

Rob Crombie

Portrait Toria did of me, which included a faux bio she wrote in the style of my bios I write for my characters. How cool is that?

Toria with my cane…

Rob is normally a landscape painter, this is pretty amazing since I think he said he’s only done 3 portraits ever in his life. My husband liked the boobs best…

Stanka’s painting of me…

Thanks to everyone who came out!

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